A Look at Ankara from the Sky by Cable Car

gokyuzunun ankarara view from the cable car
gokyuzunun ankarara view from the cable car

In the summer months, those who want to enjoy the bird's eye view Keçiören are running to the cable car. Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, sayesinde Thanks to the cable car, our citizens enjoy the beauties of Keçiören from the sky.

2008 years and opened the period since serving in Europe and even with Turkey's longest cable car line, known as the total 1653 meters in length. Between the Atatürk Garden in the Subayevleri District and the Dormitory in Tepebaşı, the ropeway, which provides both transportation and touristic services, is now among the longest in-city ropeway lines. The cable car, whose highest point is the 85 meter, welcomes the average daily 1000 passenger.

The total 8 cabins, each with a seating capacity of 16, provide a unique 20 ride with a special lighting. Kecioren and especially the Estergon Turkish Cultural Center, Kecioren Waterfall, Ataturk Garden, even Atakule and Hıdırlık Hill offers a visual feast for those who want to see.

Ankaraor the tourists from outside the city, which attracts intense interest in the cable car, is receiving more demand at the weekend. Turkey`s largest district in the evening with the title of those who want to see the night view of Keçiören` s cable car facilities in the evening hours, taking into account the heat of summer in this period between 15.00 -23.00 serves.

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