Gebze Darıca Metro Line Station Work in Progress

gebze darica metro stations
gebze darica metro stations

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carried out works on the Gebze-Darıca metro line is feverish. The construction of the subway construction, which is progressing with the planned time, is underway at the Courthouse, Mutlukent and Gebze City Square stations and the Warehouse Site in the OIZ region. The metropolitan teams, which are continuing their excavation works rapidly, within the scope of infrastructure works at all stations; fiber line, natural gas, electricity, mobese, rain and waste water displacements.

One of the most important services of the Metropolitan Municipality, Gebze-Darıca metro works, continues from 4 point. Within the scope of the works realized in Gebze Town Square, the production of 284 bored piles used to strengthen the ground was completed. Another work that has been completed is the elasticity of the structure; During the earthquake and other loading combinations, the beam was made to make the structure safer. Within the scope of infrastructure displacements; electricity, natural gas, fiber line, drinking water and waste water displacements were also completed. Belt girder, breast girder, anchor and station excavation works are continuing.

Courthouse Station is located between Akse Sapağı Station and Mutlukent Stations; Akse Sapağı Station, which is located in the south-west, is a thousand 200 meters away and Mutlukent Station is a thousand 700 meters away. Within the scope of infrastructure displacements; fiber line, natural gas, electricity, mobese, rain and waste water displacements were completed. Production of 186 bored piles in the station area was completed, while the 93 number of 71 bored piles in the shear area was completed. In the station area, the production of bored pile heads continues.

Mutlukent Station is located between Courthouse Station and OSB Stations; The station located in the south-west is a thousand 700 meters away from the Courthouse Station, while the OSB Station in the north-east is located 2 thousand 500 meters away. At the station under construction, belt girders projected as part of the excavation support system are completed on all axles and curtain concrete production continues. The 1404 grain of the 763 anchor was manufactured, which allows the tension force extracted from the anchor head to be transferred to the bridge and tightened by gluing the bridge to the ground. The amount of earthmoving done so far has been stated as 64 thousand 700 cubic meters.

Warehouse structure At the end of the subway line following the OSB Station number 12, the works of the Warehouse Site, which was designed as the structure where maintenance trains are stored and maintained, were started. Excavation and blasting works continue at 24 hours in the construction site of the warehouse. The 875 thousand cubic meter part of the 400 thousand cubic meter excavation for the storage area excavation has been completed in the area where the slope stabilization process is progressing. In addition, 150 thousand cubic meters of filling works will be started soon.

4 in the project where the latest technology will be used. At the automation level (GoA4) full automatic driverless subway will serve. High performance, high reliability and low time intervals, low operating costs without driver, better response to passenger demands increases the attractiveness of subways. For these reasons, the full automatic subway system in which transitions will be started will be implemented in Gebze-Darica line.

Designed as a high-tech, driverless, economical, safe, flexible and developable, Gebze OSB-Darica Coast Line will consist of two tunnels of 15.6 km length and 6,5 meter diameter. The entire line of 12 stations runs underground. Gebze OSB - Darica Beach 19 will be reduced to minutes.

gebze darica metro stations
gebze darica metro stations

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