First Step for Amasray

first step for amasray
first step for amasray

Feasibility and field studies were carried out for the nostalgic tram project planned to be built by Amasya Municipality.

Amasya Mayor Mehmet Sarı, Mayor's Chief Advisor Ahmet Yenihan, Deputy Mayor İsmail Kazan, Science Director Ali Özel, Strategy and Development Manager Serpil Demir, with the technical team of the municipality today from Germany for the tram project ERC Ldt. Sti. General Manager Alp Karabacak, Railway Project Engineer Business Development Specialist Kemal Faruk Doğan and Industrial Engineer İsmail Karataş made feasibility and field studies by examining the routes of his project named Amasray.

After the field work, the meeting held in the Cultural Center hall under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Amasya Mehmet Sarı ERC Ldt. Sti. General Manager Alp Karabacak made a presentation to the participants about the details of the projects to be implemented. At the end of the presentation, Science Director Ali Özel and Chief Advisor to the Chairman Ahmet Yenihan shared information about Amasray which will enable Amasya to prosper nostalgically.

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