Finnish Pilot Bottas Focuses on British Grand Prix

finnish pilot focuses on british grand prix
finnish pilot focuses on british grand prix

The Finnish pilot joined the Silver Arrows (nickname of the Mercedes-Benz team) in 2017. Last market was third in the Austrian Grand Prix and now focuses on the English Grand Prix the team will participate in.

Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas won two of the four opening races this season. The other two won by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport mate, Monster Energy driver Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis, the current world champion, wins six out of nine races and leads the race ahead. Valtteri is now aware that he must contribute to the success of his team-mate if he does not want to stay behind.


Speaking after his last podium (P3) at the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend, Monster Energy Valtteri Pilot said, “I gave my performance 10 out of 7.5. In the qualifiers of our race in England on July 14, I will minimize my mistakes and show my presence in the third round. Another factor was my race pace. I have to make the biggest progress in this regard. ”

İM I've learned a lot from LEWIS ”

Valtteri added, “Lewis and I have a very clear relationship with the team. We share our information and plans. There is a mutually open communication. As a pilot, I learned a lot from Lewis. We both come knowing that we have a chance to win every race. If you want to be in one of the top teams, you should know that you have more to lose than the teams below. I am fortunate to be part of one of the best teams, because all drivers want to sit in my place. You always want to be in a better car, it's natural. ” To learn more about F1 2019, to be informed about the developments



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