ESHOT crisis at the door

eshotta crisis at the door
eshotta crisis at the door

The service period of İzmirim Card, used in public transportation, expires in September. ESHOT's inability to prepare tender specifications for 7 months signaled transportation crisis

(SabahAccording to the news of Ertan Gürcaner; ES The fact that ESHOT affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality could not prepare the tender specifications of the smart system used in public transportation brought to mind the crisis of 4 years ago. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality terminated the paper ticket application in 1999 and introduced the smart fare system in the public transportation vehicles. First, the application started in buses over time, metro, ferry, tram, IZBAN'a began to be used in boarding. In 2015, the ESHOT General Directorate was re-bidding for the service period of Kent Kart, which operates the existing system, will expire. This time, the tender covering the period of 44 monthly Cartek Company (Izmirim Card) was awarded. However, when the system could not be operated within the time stipulated by the tenderer, validators did not read the magnetic cards when boarding the public transportation vehicles. Boredom was not limited to this. Citizen, the remaining balance due to problems in the magnetic card system could not load new. When the problems in the system could not be solved, the Metropolitan made transportation in public transportation vehicles such as buses, subway, ferry and İZBAN without any money. This situation led to the public decision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in millions of pounds. In order to overcome the crisis, the Metropolitan Municipality had to return to the paper ticket application that 16 had left years ago until the system returned to normal. In that process, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality blamed the old contractor Kent Card company and Kent Card the new contractor responsible. The dispute between the parties was brought to the judiciary.

In the meantime, ESHOT General Directorate, 7 will end in September to continue the procurement of uninterrupted service and to hold the new tender 16 held in April in the session of the Metropolitan Assembly, but the last 2.5 month, the form could not be finalized. Therefore, the tender advertisement could not be published. The fact that the General Directorate of ESHOT has not yet been tendered has caused great difficulty in the institution. Experts warned officials of the ESHOT General Directorate to keep their hands quickly. If the tender announcement is not published as soon as possible, a new system crisis may be faced with the authorities, "8 otherwise in September, a new crisis is inevitable," he said. The duration of the new operating service tender, 8, will begin in September. 36 will operate the smart fee collection system for months. The new service period will end at 22 August 2022.

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