There will be no bad roads and no streets in Erzincan

erzincanda broken road and no pavement will remain
erzincanda broken road and no pavement will remain

Erzincan Municipality throughout the city broken road, pavement to continue to work unceasingly to leave the street.

Erzincan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs Asphalt team is performing the asphalt work in the neighborhoods while renovating the damaged roads.

Within the scope of the landscaping works of prayer houses, Erzincan Municipality, which makes necessary arrangements such as curb parquet, fountain construction, soil leveling, planting, lawn cultivation and automatic irrigation system, continues its works in coordination with the Directorate of Parks and Gardens and the Directorate of Science Works within this scope.

Parks and Gardens Directorate by the teams throughout the city landscape work continues while the inner part of the Atatürk park in a more comfortable and safe area for the citizens to park their vehicles in the north-west part of the park is being built.

Mayor of Erzincan Bekir Aksun made a statement about the studies, beri Since the day we started to serve ourselves as an understanding of the management of a corner in every corner of the country to fulfill a number of needs to meet all our colleagues are trying to achieve a team by hand. One of them is to create a parking space in Atatürk Park and provide the opportunity to park our vehicles to the citizens of the land and we are struggling to remove an area that has the appearance of a bullshit. In addition to this, our colleagues have been accomplishing many works from treticular work to asphalt work, from landscaping to arranging mosque gardens in other areas of Erzincan and presenting this beauty as a service to Erzincan. I wish them success. I wish good luck to my fellow citizens of Erzincanlı and wish them auspiciousness. ”

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