Did the Channel Istanbul Project Come to the Agenda During Erdogan's Visit to China?

erdoganin gin visit channel Istanbul project came to me
erdoganin gin visit channel Istanbul project came to me

In particular, closely followed by people of Istanbul and Turkey pointed out by the fact that the largest project Kana What's the latest project in Istanbul, have been announced tender date?

Located between uncertainty about Turkey's Kanal İstanbul project projects pupil progress unfortunately.

The expected date of the tender for Kanal Istanbul, which is announced by President, Transport Minister Cahit Turhan and Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum at every opportunity, has not been announced yet.

Great Interest of Chinese Investors!
While the size and importance of the project continues to increase the interest of foreigners, it is stated that Chinese and American investors are in great competition about the project.

During such a critical period, Erdogan's visit to China was a subject of great curiosity.
President Erdoğan met with a trip to the scope of the investors while foreign investors urged to invest in Turkey.

Increase in Dollar Rate Affected the Project Negatively!
Many people closely followed in the project, the rapid increase in the exchange rate of the dollar increased the cost of the tender process was interrupted.

With the inflation figures and the withdrawal of the dollar exchange rate, the Kanal Istanbul project is expected to be included in the government's program again.

While it is estimated that the tender date will be announced before the end of the 2019 year of the Kanal Istanbul project, which has become a prestige project by the government due to the declarations that it will be made continuously, it was also wondered whether the issue was brought up by President Erdoğan during the visit to China. (emlakxnumx)

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