EMO: Çorlu Train Accident Neglect Chain

emo corluda train accident occurred as a result of neglect chain
emo corluda train accident occurred as a result of neglect chain

Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) Istanbul Branch shared the report prepared on the anniversary of the Çorlu train accident massacre in which 25 was killed and 318 was injured. On the first anniversary of the Çorlu Train Accident, a press conference was held as EMO Istanbul Branch. HDP MPs Filiz Kerestecioğlu and Oya Ersoy, as well as representatives of political parties and institutions and press employees attended the press conference.

The press conference started with the speech of Erol Celepsoy, Chairman of the Board of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO). Celepsoy, stating that people in the West lost their lives by chance in our country, wished patience to the families of the relatives who lost their lives and stated that the incidents that took place during the lawsuit were legal murders. Celepsoy, who questions the signaling systems on the existing railway routes and whether they are audited or not, has left the floor to YK Vice Chairman Hakkı Kaya Ocakaçan to make a press release.

Stating that they are planning to share the technical problems with those of Çorlu, Ocakaçan stated that the evaluations to be made lacking the human rights and justice rights contexts of the post-accident investigation and legal process would be incomplete. Stating that it is a serious mistake to have the engineer do the work instead of the engineers, Ocakaçan stressed that if there is a responsible person to be called, it is those who make such non-scientific assignments.

After the Press Conference, HDP MPs Filiz Kerestecioğlu and Oya Ersoy, especially the political parties and representatives of the meeting, made speeches about the followers of the process.

For the Report Shared by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers CLICK HERE

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