Ankapark Opening Hours

emergency door
emergency door

Turkey's largest theme park, Wonderland Eurasia formerly Ankapark opening hours, weekdays 11: 00 - 23: 00 from
weekend 11: 00 to 23: 00.

12 in the park theme consists of thematic sections Turkey's highest boat tower with the Wind Riders, 75-meter giant tower 'Abyssto The Underworld', Europe's largest and 50 meters can rise 100 personality Flying Island, offering enjoyment simulation with flight 26 meter giant sphere screen 100 personality Flying Theater, designed in Turkey Digital Dark ride and Earthquakes, Lava Adventure, Otorobot, Turkey's largest "MD Multidimensional Cinema", an ice grotto, laser arena, 207 meters wide music and light water dance, 5 thousand meters of land train tracks.

The entertainment units, which are prepared for the visitors and families of all ages to have fun and enjoy themselves, also host unforgettable memories. Wonderland Eurasia's escape to the world of imagination as much as nostalgia, with its botanical diversity also brings new excitement in a special and interesting world.

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