Electric Ford F-150 Pickup Pulls 570 Ton Train Wagons

electric ford f pickup ton pulls train wagons
electric ford f pickup ton pulls train wagons

Before the production line of electric vehicles to pull the aircraft to show the body was almost fashion. We saw the last example of this in the electric version of the Mini Cooper. A similar advertising project came from Ford. The electric F-150 pickup prototype attracts 570-ton train wagons.

Ford said in a statement last year that it will launch the 2022 electric model until 16. The most important of these vehicles is the fully electric version of the Ford F-150. In the first place, the car was expected to be available as a hybrid in 2020. But soon the plans changed and the button was pressed for the fully electric F-150.

The prototypes of the Ford F-150, made in a typical American style, were officially introduced today. The electric Ford F-150 prototype is the model's 42. 42 has drawn two 453.592 double-decker wagons, which correspond to the length of the X-150 kilogram F-10. It was announced that the total weight of the wagons filled with Ford F-150 models was 566.990 kilograms.

Although the features of the fully electric Ford F-150 are not yet clear, Ford wants customers to know that switching to electricity does not mean loss of performance.

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