The people of Diyarbakır want the tram that is made of election material in every period!

diyarbakirlilar wants tram
diyarbakirlilar wants tram

The people of Diyarbakır want the tram project to be put into operation. People now want to travel quickly, comfortably and safely.

GüneydoğugüncelAccording to the news of Seyfettin Eken from. ”In the previous election period, no attempt was made for the tram service, which is one of the promises of mayor candidates and even the project of which was drawn, was made, except for making an election snack.

Neither the elected mayors nor the government wing have ever fulfilled the promise made to the people of Diyarbakir many years ago. In short, the public wants, politicians and authorities of this city is silent.

Stating that the arrival of tram traffic will relax at the rate of 50, the people of Diyarbakır came to the agenda even during the period of Cumali Atilla, whose project was drawn for years and even underlined that he was ignored. Citizens and NGOs who want the tram to be put into service as soon as possible have announced their views on this issue to our newspaper.


MUSIAD President Mehmet Eza Bakir said that 50 would ease the traffic of Diyarbakir by tram. “It is essential for the tram to be built in our city. Both the trustee and the governments before the trustee did not do what they promised. This is a very delayed project, it was put on the agenda for political rent only during the election periods and no one made any attempt after the election. The tram is a need and befits our city. Reduces our traffic problem to 50 percent. With the arrival of the tram, the waiting time of citizens and buses will be reduced. In addition, the minibus drivers who act in threats to the safety of the citizen is also in a position to give self-regulation. It should be done soon. Neither the old administrations nor the new administration will build the tram. The last 7 months ago we talked to the authorities. We said we will, but still no attempt has been made. We are waiting as citizens, ”he said.


Mehmet Kaya, the President of the Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DTSO), stated that the failure to put the tram project into operation would only serve to punish the public; Ulaşım In Diyarbakır, especially urban transportation has been a problem that has not been solved for a long time. When we look at the smaller cities of Diyarbakır, we see that they solve in a healthier, more environmentally sensitive and economic way by means of public transportation, light rail subway or tram. This kind of problem was not solved in Diyarbakır. Of course, one of the main reasons is that this problem has always been hampered by the central government's disapproval of local governments' projects. In fact, despite all the possibilities of the government in the trustee period, the investments were not used in the right direction. Classical road from the past, asphalt, etc. investments. We make such attempts as room. We do our best to build and strengthen the relations of the local government with the central government. Everyone should accept that, as everywhere else, there are elected people in our city, and there is a central government. Projects can be made with the resources and the resources of the central government. Here, we discuss with the governments and the president, especially with our appointed managers, governors and politicians that it is necessary to cooperate especially in such investments. Not to pave the way for such investments is to punish the public. So this kind of project is not something to do with the municipality or the central government alone. Both can be realized with a project to be made with the common mind. The metropolitan municipality that will do the actual work here is the central government which will transfer resources. Together, this project should be implemented as soon as possible. Because not realizing this is useless to punish the citizen. ”


Recep Tanis said that he was upset because there were trams in other cities but not in Diyarbakir. Orum I want the tram to come, because in the area where we are, the bus comes every half hour and we're late for work. With the arrival of the tram, traveling in urban transport will become both comfortable and safe. Now the people of Diyarbakir should have the right to travel in such a safe and comfortable way. Although our city's population exceeds 2 million, it still lags behind many small cities. When we go to other cities that we do not have, but when we see the opportunities offered to citizens in the city why we are not bad in our city. As soon as possible, the authorities should find a solution and do their part ”.


Stating that the interest of the citizen to the tram will be intense Engin Balta; Orum I want my hometown to develop. I want my people to find a job and take bread home. I don't want them stealing or begging. Let everyone take bread home with the sweat of my forehead. The arrival of the tram will change many things. It will eliminate many difficulties in transportation. Some places expect buses and minibuses for hours. We're already complaining about the van. They don't turn on their air conditioners and they're old vehicles. The tram is both comfortable and a peaceful and safe transportation option. In addition, the tram is socialite attracts the attention of our people. It's embarrassing that he didn't come so far. To date, it has always worked but to be among the projects during the election periods. There have been a lot of promises about it, but why didn't anyone fulfill this promise. The development of Diyarbakır will be easier with the construction and we want to increase the employment opportunities with the establishment of factories. ”


Abdullah Altuğ, who wanted the tram in small cities to be also in Diyarbakır; “As a Diyarbakır citizen, I want the tram to come. Today, there are trams even in cities smaller than Diyarbakır. Although Diyarbakır is a city with a population of almost 2 million people, we do not have a tram. Our city is not just an ordinary city, it is a city that appeals to both the Southeast and the Middle East. I also want the tram to come, as it is a city that attracts tourists with its historical features. If I say that the arrival of the tram is indispensable Indian fabric for the people of Diyarbakır. However, even though they were promised, promises made were not fulfilled. Government and municipal officials did not start the construction of the tram.

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