Road and Sidewalk Works in Dilovası

dilovasının road and pavement work continues
dilovasının road and pavement work continues

📩 29/07/2019 13:45

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing another important project for Dilovası. Realizing the 'Eynerce Junction - Yavuz Sultan Selim Street Connection Road' project, Metropolitan will breathe the vehicles entering and exiting from the east side of the district. Within the scope of the project, the branch of the Eynerce Junction, which enables the Dilovası district to join and separate from the D-100 road, is connected to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Street, which extends to Dilovası city center. Metropolitan, which started the works, continued to work on the culvert at the Eynerce Junction, and started the pavement construction on Yavuz Sultan Selim Street.

Eynerce Junction, located on the D-100 highway, has an important role in transportation to Dilovası city center. Dilovası district D-100 highway side road (Yavuz Sultan Selim Street) currently serves as a two-way. As the road continuity cannot be achieved due to the elevation difference between the D-100 and the side road, the D-100 highway can be accessed indirectly through the other roads to the town of Dilovası. With the new project, this problem will be eliminated and transportation to the district center will become more organized and easier.

Within the scope of the project works, a new reinforced concrete culvert with a length of 270 meters is being carried out at Eynerce Junction. Excavations are continuing for the foundation in the culvert work. Yavuz Sultan Street pavement (curb) manufacturing of decorative lighting poles will be built on the street while creating a modern look will be provided. After the paving work will begin to produce parquet.

Within the scope of the project, the existing Eynerce Junction, the following roundabout and connection road will provide important facilities. Access to Dilovası district center from the direction of Izmit will be provided directly by the side road. With the new street to be built, transportation will both relax and the face of the region will change.

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