Station Action in Derbent


2-18 closed the Derbent Train Station between May and May in the scope of signaling project between Köseköy and Pamukova by the General Directorate of State Railways.

the ÖzgürkocaelAccording to the report of Cemalettin Öztürk from; “Derbent Neighborhood Headman Erdal Baş, stating that the station was not opened within the given time, reacted by organizing a press release with the public today in the train station area. "We are calling the authorities to duty," said the chief.

Derbent Railway Station, which is of historical importance, was closed between 2-18 May as part of the ongoing signaling project between Köseköy and Pamukova by the General Directorate of State Railways. Railways General Directorate, announced that the station will open towards the end of May. The headman of the Derbent district, Erdal Baş, had contacted the authorities several times due to the station not being opened within the given time period but had not received a satisfactory response. Baş, together with the people of Derbent held a press conference in the station area and asked for the station to be opened as soon as possible.

Said Derbent Speaking at a press conference held at the Train Station headman Head 'em out, "a period of time, such as Turkey and which has a historical significance for the development of our region Derbent Railway Station 8 year was stopped due to the fast train project, although we have many victims in this period may, Because of the fact that high speed train will contribute to our country, we endured and attracted to the cinema even though we had difficulty in transportation during this long process. After the project, train services started. When we said that we were completely comfortable, the TCDD reported to our muhtar with a secret and insidious movement in the last day with a fictitious discourse like signaling the train. ”

LAR They are fooling us ”
Head of Derbent Neighborhood Head, TCDD'nin deceived themselves, stating, said: “My question is this; Why is such an important issue in the last day with a letter just warned the headman said. I learned from the passengers that the trains will not stop. They won't even write if I don't find out. 8 what was done in the year and which carelessness was done this fault? What did you do in this 8 year? The letter sent to me was that the works will be completed between 2-18 May. Studies were not finished. In our region, Cable Car Tourism, Industry is at the highest level who is the trap made? Who will account for all the victimized citizen. Derbent is the locomotive of our region. Especially the university students go to Istanbul, businessmen, teachers, citizens who go to Adapazarı have been the victims ”

Derbent complained to the President and the Ministry of Transport and city managers who did not give a clear answer to the station and whether the station would be opened or closed, Baş said. I appeal to all deputies in our region, our Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman. Please listen to this problem and our voice, I say solve our problem. In Japan, fast train stations are kept open for only one student. We are a victim of a region does not care about anyone, kul he said.

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