Daddralli Greets the Army

daddralli saluted the army
daddralli saluted the army

12 yacht, which anchored from the Greek Port of Volos a month ago, hailed Ordu, in order to open the Black Sea to world sailing tourism and to keep the legend of the ancient Argonaut.

We 2017 amateur at sea in Turkey was founded in order to contribute to the development of maritime Amateur Seaman's Association (DADD) Daddrall organized by the Black Sea, it continues at full speed. 9 The yachts departing in June, including the 3 German, 2 Dutch and 1 French crew, will stop by the 42 port and after a day's adventure in the Black Sea waters, 75 will reach the destination of Georgia where the argonauts of the legend have reached the goal of Altınpost.

12 yacht, which stayed for two days in the port of Kışlaönü, was set off to reach Altınpost. The yachts departing from the harbor in the morning greeted the city by taking a tour off the coast of Ordu. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Guler, yachts came to the dock and passengers. All the yachts made two rounds off the coast of Ordu and thanked President Güler for his hospitality and gratitude.

After making yachts, the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality made a statement. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, DADD team said that they hosted two days in Ordu. Güler said, iyor We wish them a good trip. We have made lasting friendships in this work to introduce our army. This is the biggest gain for us. Now they will stop by different countries. They were very pleased with the hospitality here. I thank the people of the army for their interest and congratulations. We will continue these. Our aim is to make Ordu an exemplary city and to make it a brand city by adding beauty to its beauties. We are working day and night for this. ”

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