CW Energy Produces Tiles of the Century

cw energy produced century tiles
cw energy produced century tiles

CW Energy has produced sızdır roof-resistant, impermeable solar panels leri which they call leri the tiles of the century.. The roof tiles produced as idi tile of the century uygun are suitable for direct sunlight. Tiles are specially rubberized, suitable for roof, water-air-moisture-temperature-proof, resistant to all weather conditions and provide insulation.

Within the scope of the regulation on solar power plants under 10 kWp, each user will be able to install solar panels on the roof of his house. Assuming that 20 percent of the electricity generated is used for the energy of his own home, the remaining percent will be able to sell 80. Thus, if you cover your roof with the tile of the century, you will get rid of the cost of isolation and you will be able to generate income from the electricity generated as you meet the investment cost in a short time.

About CW Energy
CW Energy Engineering Trade and Industry Joint Stock Company was established in 2010 is a production and service company operating in photovoltaic energy production sector. Annual 750 megawatts of solar panels is Turkey's and Europe's largest solar panel manufacturing company with production capacity. Turkey as well as from Europe and the Far East also realizes 2009 years since the production of solar panels.

CW Energy, investment and technical consultancy of solar power plants (GES), project design, system design, licensed and unlicensed power plant installations, license purchase and operation, as well as projects planning, project planning, finance and implementation and technical maintenance after installation in accordance with the unlicensed production regulation, also provides repair services. In addition to industrial installations, it also offers solutions for domestic roof installations. In addition to grid-connected (On-Grid) systems, it also serves in areas such as off-grid grid-independent battery-powered systems, solar irrigation systems, LED lighting systems, solar camera systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

CW Energy, with its annual 750 megevat solar panel production capacity, continues its activities with an understanding that does not compromise on quality and adopts customer satisfaction as a first degree mission.



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