Çukurova Regional Airport did not land but the 30 Meter Passed

plane did not land at the cukurova regional airport, but the meter went over
plane did not land at the cukurova regional airport, but the meter went over

Returning to the story of snakes in Mersin Çukurova Regional Airport as promised in mid-April, the aircraft did not land, the first test flight was made over the ground 30 meters.

AKP Deputy Chairman Mersin Deputy Lutfi Elvan 7 months ago, "2019 April, the first plane will drop," said Çukurova Regional Airport has not yet landed. The only aircraft to be seen at the airport, where the work is underway, was the aircraft passing over 30 meters for testing.

The promises made for Çukurova Regional Airport, the foundation of which was laid at 2013 and opened so far for the 3 times, remained in the air. Although the construction of the airport, which the government says her we will finish döneminde in each election period, proceeds, the opening expected by the investor has not yet been realized. When it starts its operations, the people who are examining the works at Çukurova Regional Airport, which is planned to host 30 million passengers annually, are pleased with the works. Contractor firm officials who received information about the work of Mersin Industrialists Workers Association (MESİAD) delegation spoke hopefully.

Expressing that the first runway of the airport is completely over, MESIAD President Hasan Engin said, X This is an area of ​​8 million square meters. 1 million 200 thousand square meters of this area concrete pavement. Runway one is completely finished. 3 thousand 500 meters in length. 75 is an area wide. Earthworks have been completed on the second runway. Currently, work continues. More than 500 staff are working. There is work at every point; terminal buildings, service roads are being completed. For the first runway, the 30 test flight was conducted from above. A test flight took place the day before 5, but could not land because the lines were not drawn. Runway thickness is sufficient, tested. A study according to our climate. If it was asphalt, it could have melted, but it won't be a problem because it's concrete. 1 said the planes could land in the next month's tests. ” Soner Aydin the Mersinhaberc)


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