Countries using the world's fastest trains

countries using the world's fastest trains identified
countries using the world's fastest trains identified

The countries with the fastest trains in the world were identified. Xnumx'unc the ranks on the list of Turkey's leadership has breasts Japan.

Agency Press, one of the leading institutions in media monitoring, examined the research conducted for the countries with the fastest train. According to data from the World Economic Forum and the Agence Presse compiled from media coverage, Turkey has passed the fastest train in the country xnumx'unc records. Research, preparing and speed records based on the maximum operational speed of the train, the train of Turkey's YHT-site bar 9 km / h operating speed and 250 km / h was found to be the record.

Japan ranked first in the list, with trains running at 320 km / h and 603 km / h. France ranked second in the list, while the 575 km / h speed record. China, which has 60 percent of the total world train system, was also 350 in the list with 603 km / h operating hours and 3 km / h speed record.



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