Çorum Must Be A Demand For Local Cars

corum must be a suitor for domestic cars
corum must be a suitor for domestic cars

The excitement of Volkswagen investment, which peaked in Çorum, was shaken by intense lobbying news that the investment had shifted to Bulgaria.

The excitement of Volkswagen investment, which peaked in Çorum, was shaken by intense lobbying news that the investment had shifted to Bulgaria. According to the information obtained from the backstage of the Presidential lobby, the privileges requested by Volkswagen officials, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "unacceptable concessions," learned that. If the Volkswagen investment goes to Bulgaria, our country and our city, thanks. Without losing our excitement in Çorum, we should aspire to a local car with a special platform to be created.

Turkey Car Initiative Group (TOGG) continues to work uninterrupted. The investment is planned to start within a year. TOGG CEO GurcanTurkoglu duration of the studies in Karakas captain, world-renowned Turkish Engineers Aydemir Akin to return to Turkey ends of a two-year contract, was excited about their environment. Akin, one of the few engineers in the automobile industry Aydemir representing Turkey in the world, is expected to helm the production.

Let's move from here to Corum. Corum is excited, Corum is ingenious, Corum promises future. These are all very valuable trumps, very valuable treasure and capital of years. We need to start off by drawing our road map as if preparing our academic thesis and preparing it for an academic thesis.

Perhaps Volkswavgen's persuasion was difficult, but it is not impossible to convince local automobile authorities. For this reason, all the dynamics of Corum should take action, you-me without saying we should go out on the expedition. The most important factor here will undoubtedly be the transmission of the issue to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. While doing all this, Why Corum? The answer to the question should be given very well, for this, in addition to the usual classical expressions, a very detailed report about Çorum should be prepared. This report should not be drowned by the statistics of our industry in Çorum, especially in the OIZ, and should not be prepared to summarize Çorum's population and geography. There should be an international format report prepared by experts and working on it for a long time.

The leaders and politicians of this city, especially all the people in the group who will follow this study, should make this issue go beyond the hassle of stepping under their feet and carrying this matter at the beginning like a precious crown. We should concentrate on the issue, not on the names, without going through any unnecessary and unbundling separation of those who want or do not want this investment. If any, we should leave aside the small faults between us and hand in hand without handing out the stalk of the pear-grape. I sincerely believe that Çorum has this spirit, this excitement and determination. And the day this dream is accomplished, we will all be enlightened. That's when a huge investment like Nur Ball will bring Corum to its destination. And on that day, the names of those who shoulders, believes, contributes to this issue and throws water at this mill, not stones, will take place both in the hearts and in the golden pages of history.

Instead of trying to engrave names to the hearts at the beginning of our job, we will patiently wait for the end and engrave the names of the hearts of Çorumlular'ın loyalty and trust will be.

Come on, if the domestic automobile investment is wasted our hands, tying the land and lamenting without lamenting the heart of the happiness and honor of being a brother to run Corum'un experience. “Çorum made it worthy of itself, unity and took care of the issue.” We are proud of this peace. (Corum Hakimiyet Newspaper)

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