First Hearing in Çorlu Train Accident Trial Ended Before It Started

corluda train crash case before the first hearing over
corluda train crash case before the first hearing over

The first hearing in the Çorlu case ended with the file being sent to the upper court, claiming that it had been ordered to assault those who lost their relatives.

The first hearing of the lawsuit against the incident that took place on July 8, 2018 in Çorlu, Tekirdağ, where 7 people were killed and 25 were injured, 340 of whom were children, was heard at the Çorlu 1st High Criminal Court today.

The court board decided to withdraw from the file on the allegations that "the delegation was made with the order given by the lawful order" regarding the attacks against those who lost their relatives before the trial. According to the statement of the Contemporary Lawyers Association, the file was sent to the Çorlu 2nd High Criminal Court for evaluation.

“They battered the families outside, we lawyers”
All those who lost their relatives before the hearing and those who wanted to watch the hearing could not enter the hall. Cops at the door battered some relatives. Lawyers intervened in the door to enter the remaining.

The trial started around 11.00 around the clock with identification.

The lawyers of the relatives of the defendants who lost their lives before the identification of the defendants, the statements about what happened before the hearing presented.

Lawyer Mürsel Ünder said, edik We have told you many times that the hearing will be crowded due to the high number of victims and the social nature of the file. We cannot perceive that the conference hall was allocated to families who lost their relatives in this massacre as a blessing. ”

Gerekiyor You need to know, even if it's not your jurisdiction, as of 9 we wanted to come here for a walk. The families of those who lost their relatives were treated as guilty by the police during the march. Because they want justice. We couldn't even enter the courthouse where everyone could enter and waved iron doors. When we arrived at the door of the conference hall, someone who was not known for an unopened hearing tried to identify himself and tried to get him into the hall. Again for security reasons…

“Finally, after some of us came in, the doors of the hall were locked before you even opened the hearing and a closure decision was made. You have committed the crime of limiting freedom for insiders.

“They assaulted the families outside, we lawyers. You have not seen. We are telling. Our clients will tell. We are currently filing a criminal complaint with you and the public prosecutor about those responsible. This is your duty.

Lawyer Ünder concluded his words by saying uz We demand that our clients be promised to make a statement about the coup they suffered outside..

Lawyer Can Atalay and Ünder were denied a criminal complaint.

Only the request to remove the armed policemen in the courtroom was accepted. Armed cops were taken out.

Before the hearing, the public prosecutor agreed that suç a criminal complaint should be filed with the Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office for the necessity of the officers who applied disproportionate force exceeding the order ”.

The court decided to withdraw from the file, saying saldır it is claimed that it was done with the instruction of our committee alı about the attacks that took place before the hearing. The trial was ended. File, Çorlu 2 for the evaluation of the court's decision to withdraw. He was sent to the High Criminal Court.

Four TCDD employees are charged with or causing death and injury by negligence ada.

Those who lost their relatives and lawyers before today's hearing held a walk to the Corlu Court. In a press release in front of the courthouse, they said, "We will ask for this account. We are here for this."

Non-prosecution of bureaucrats and managers
Public Prosecutor Galip Yılmaz Özkurşun was conducting an investigation for politicians, bureaucrats, people in the senior management of TCDD, and train workers on the grounds of “causing death and injury by negligence”.

In the investigation, the train chief Hüseyin Kahraman, the driver Halil Altınkaya and Suat Şahin were decided not to prosecute. The indictment was filed against four TCDD employees and a decision of non-prosecution was made against the top executives.

Statements about the issue were recorded as follows in the decision of non-prosecution: “There is no room for prosecution on the part of the public for the suspects, politicians, bureaucrats and people in the top management of TCDD, Halil Altınkaya, Suat Şahin and Hüseyin Kahraman.

"The suspects Turgut Kurt, Celalettin Çabuk, Çetin Yıldırım and Özkan Polat do not have any prosecution on behalf of the public because of their actions against victims / companions."BİANET)

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