Çorlu Train Crash was commemorated

Corlu was killed in a train accident
Corlu was killed in a train accident

Corlu district of Tekirdag, 8 July 2018 occurred in the 25 citizens died and 317 citizens were wounded in the first anniversary of the Çorlu Train accident, the relatives of the dead held a commemoration ceremony at the scene. Emotional moments at the memorial ceremony, carnations were left on the rails, tears were shed for the dead.

Istanbul from Uzunköprü district of Edirne Halkalı362 passenger and 6 personnel train, moving to go to 8 July 2018'de Corlu district of Tekirdag, near the district of Sarılar derailed, overturned. 7 child 25 people were killed and 328 people were injured in the accident. Following the accident, the first hearing on July 3 event took place. TCDD personnel found the main flaw in the accident Turgut Kurt, Ozkan Polat, Celaleddin Cabuk and Cetin Yildirim about 'causing negligent death and injury' 2'er each year to 15'er each year with the request of the Çorlu 1'inci Heavy Criminal Court, families on the grounds that events could not enter the hall and the court had withdrawn from the case. Çorlu 2'inci Heavy Caza Court, the delegation of the decision to withdraw after the decision of the new trial began to wait.

5 day after the hearing, relatives of the deceased, wounded, lawyers and non-governmental organizations gathered in Sarılar village of Çorlu where the accident occurred. From here they walked to the place where the accident occurred, with a wreath in their hands saying 'We love you'. The names of those who died during the march were read one by one. Approximately 250 people gathered at the scene, left a wreath written 'We love you' with carnations on the rails. Meanwhile, relatives of the dead shed tears, emotional moments took place.

Families, while waiting in the region while Uzunköprü-Halkalı During the passage of the train, the train reacted to pass the region slowly and said, ü It was going faster on the day of the accident, and now it is going slowly. ”

Aliler lost his wife Hakan Sel Oguz Arda Sel and his wife in the accident on behalf of the Mis, Oz, talk, said they want justice. , While there is much to say about the day we lost on these tracks, we can't talk about anything but pain. We remember them with longing, love, longing and respect. Thank you very much for being with us today. We don't have much to say today. We made a promise to them, we will fulfill my promise. It's really hard to talk. Each one here with us. But last year, when we think about these hours, they were breathing now, they were thinking of getting off. They were dreaming. They were thinking about the stops they were going to land in a little while. But unfortunately we buried them under the stones. ”

Families left the scene after the statement. Gendarmerie teams also took security measures during the commemoration activities of families.

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