Citizens Complain That Island Express Is Crowded

citizens express that the island express crowd
citizens express that the island express crowd

Problems do not end in Ada Express, which started to operate again recently. Citizens complain about Ada Express being crowded and not having its former importance.

The Island Express flights, which were suspended for a while due to the High Speed ​​Train works, were resumed a short time ago after the 3 year break. Island Express Arifiye-Pendik line began to carry passengers again.

Kocaeli Balance A citizen who reached the news center, said in his message: “It is not possible to find a place on the train running between Adapazarı and Pendik. The train, which made 3 trips a day 12 years ago, now operates 4 times. Moreover, the number of wagons was reduced to 4. Island Express students, workers, civil servants and peasants use short income people like us briefly.

Although we made several attempts on the subject, we were promised that the number of trains of the train would increase. However, as the number of trains did not increase, the closed train stations did not become operational either. Train stations such as Köseköy, Diliskelesi and Kırkiki houses are still closed. The train route is also shortened for this reason. I'm calling out to the authorities so that they can solve the problem of the Ada Express. Don't worry about these people any more ... ”

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