Çiğli Tram and Many More Projects Await Approval from Ankara

cigli tram and many more projects are waiting for approval
cigli tram and many more projects are waiting for approval

Speaking at the assembly meeting of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Izmir Mayor Tunc Soyer said that they would create a second Alsancak in the region where the historical electricity factory is located and that they would establish fairy tale houses in Karabaglar and Buca districts.

Mayor Soyer said that they would make Izmir a world brand and announced that they would go to Ankara after the feast for their projects awaiting approval.

The Aegean Chamber of Industry (EBSO) held a regular assembly meeting in July. EBSO Chairman Ender Yorgancılar, Parliament Speaker Salih Esen and hosted by the members of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, gave information about new projects, answered questions from the council members.

A second Alsancak is coming
A while ago by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Alsancak Electricity Factory and Alsancak traffic to relieve the 'work in the region about the underground traffic continues' said Mayor Tunç Soyer, “We also have studies on the environment of the historic electricity factory. We will create a second Alsancak. Alsancak Electric Factory can be a science museum, a large library, and we can host the cinema industry. We will consider all of these together with the people of Izmir. As a result, İzmir will have a new living space. ”

We are going to Ankara
Soyer made a statement on the question of the progress of the Çiğli Tram and the zoning regulations of the project and said, “Both Çiğli Tram and the zoning regulations are waiting for approval from Ankara. We have many projects waiting for approval from Ankara. Some years old. Although we are majority in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, we are in a very close dialogue with the AK Party councilors. After Bayram we are going to Ankara. We'il prepare our files together. Which ministry, which bureaucrats, we will do them by clarifying ”.

“Our new goal is to make Izmir a world city”
In his speech, Soyer said, “We have to make İzmir a world city, and what we understand from this is that he only restored the leadership he had maintained for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean basin. kazannot mak. We were a very strong port city. We were the capital of Asia Minor. Then we bled. Now we are starting to take a leading role in this dish again. We will establish the China Research Institute. İzmir's new target will be China. "We will establish very close relations with China," he said.

We'il spin the wheel
Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the institutions in İzmir are doing extraordinarily good works and if the connection is provided, the wheel will turn and the bread of İzmir will grow. Mayor Soyer said, imiz We all need to be together and be aware of our work. So we need to write this story together. Land

Change will start from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Speaking for the criticism that the works carried out by the municipalities in Izmir extend to a long time, Soyer said, “The Metropolitan Municipality has a problem from the past. Metropolitan employees have dealt with lawsuits filed for a long time. But now there is a new wave of excitement in İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is working with great enthusiasm from the bottom to the top. However, we bring a large number of regulations. It's our responsibility here. We need to make our staff work with love. It will be reflected in the street, the park and the gardens. Izmir Turkey will change will change. This change will start from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ”.

Our priority is up neighborhoods
Soyer stated that he would give priority to the disadvantaged groups from the candidacy process and that they were in the same opinion. Soyer also stated that they will build at least 20 fairy tale houses in Karabağlar, Buca region and said: “These will be related to the young children of lonely women whose wife is sick, in prison. While the children are in the fairy-tale house, their mothers will produce in the work shops. Our vision will continue to serve especially the backward and up-neighborhoods. We will establish youth centers. We will create an Izmir where they will be more proud of being from Izmir. This is our priority. There is no deviation..

Not a second of five years will be empty
Mayor Soyer said that they would make Izmir the most wanted city in the world and said ı We will try to build projects in every region without spending five years for one second. Each project will be connected to each other like the rings of a chain. İzmir will be the most known city in the world. Bütün

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