PPP Model for Canal Istanbul and 3 Storey Large Istanbul Tunnel Projects

koi model for channel istanbul and storey big istanbul tunel projects
koi model for channel istanbul and storey big istanbul tunel projects

PPP Model for Canal Istanbul and 3 Storey Large Istanbul Tunnel Projects. 2019, the first development plan of the Presidential Government System, covering the years 2023-11. The Development Plan was submitted to Parliament yesterday after the approval of AKP President Erdoğan. Under the new plan, Erdogan's 2023 targets were halved.

Government, 2019-2023 period covering 11. Presented the Development Plan to Parliament. According to the plan, which is the first plan of the presidential system, the sale of public goods will continue at full throttle.

The mandatory period of BES will be extended. Severance pay will be taken into BES. Despite the criticism of the burden on the budget, Channel Istanbul and 3 Storey Istanbul Tunnel will be built with public-private cooperation model (PPP).

Mustafa Çakır from the Republic2013 announced in 10. While the 2023 targets in the Development Plan were sharply declining, the old 2018 targets could not be achieved. For 2023, the GDP (national income) target of 2 trillion dollars in the previous plan, 1 trillion 80 billion dollars in this plan, 25 thousand thousand 12 thousand dollars $, 244 billion dollar export target 500 billion dollars, 226.6 percent unemployment target 5 percent of the withdrawal.

In the previous plan for 2018, GDP is targeted to be 1.3 trillion dollars, realization is 784 billion dollars, while per capita income is targeted to be 16 thousand dollars, realization is 9 thousand 683 dollars; inflation was targeted to be 227 percent, while realization was 168 percent.

11. According to the Development Plan, President Erdogan visited universities in Japan, and only women can go to the establishment of women in Turkey is being announced live project. Despite the criticism and reactions of “Harem-selamlık education eğitim, the Japanese example will be examined and women's universities will be established where only female students are accepted.

- In education, educational contents and curriculum will be prepared in accordance with global developments and needs based on national, spiritual and universal values.
- Social assistance beneficiaries directed towards employment will be gradually reduced for a year for those who do not accept the job offered by İŞKUR for a third time without a valid reason.
- 250 thousand social housing will be produced for low income and disadvantaged groups.
The system changes when entering the judiciary
- Disciplinary process on judges and prosecutors will be rearranged with objective criteria, rights of judges and prosecutors will be strengthened and disciplinary decisions will be made available to the public on the condition that personal data is protected and the process will be made transparent. Arrangements will be made for the establishment of deputy judges and prosecutors. A new entry model and examination will be introduced for the profession of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and notaries.
- The balance of crime and sanction and the execution system will be reviewed and reorganized.

- A new framework will be made in PPP applications. In addition to credit markets, capital markets will also be used as instruments for the financing of PPP projects. Some of the priority projects such as Canal Istanbul, 3 Storeyed Great Istanbul Tunnel, Filyos Port Superstructure and Plant, Çandarlı Port Superstructure and Plant and various urban environmental infrastructure will be realized with PPP method.

Projects such as 18 thousand 716 beds with 11 beds and Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway, North Marmara Motorway Kurtköy-Akyazı and Kınalı-Odayeri Sections and Salıpazarı Cruise Port, Haliç Yacht Harbor and Complex will be completed.

The government 11. In the Development Plan, 2023 targets have been reduced by almost half compared to the previous plan. Experts comment on the plan:

- Professor. Dr. Hayri Kozanoglu: 11. Development Plan aims to increase per capita income to 2023 dollars in 12480. In 2013, per capita income was already $ 12480. This means that the AKP's vision is limited to 10 annually.

- Assoc. Dr. Umit Akcay: 11. All the objectives of the (so-called) Development Plan bear all the traces of the structural crisis. 2023 targets, which are said at every opportunity, have been trashed. Turkey in this area (bureaucratic) deposition is an exemplary document to see how the squandered.

- Özcan Kadıoğlu: 2023 Targets have been revised close to 100 percent.

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