Crack and Slip Road Works Start

work begins on the road to the catlak and gliding
work begins on the road to the catlak and gliding

President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, who made investigations on the road in Karaköprü with cracks and slips due to rains in the winter, stated that the studies will start tomorrow with the completion of the feasibility studies and the tender process we started with our technical friends.

As a result of heavy rains during the winter months, Karaköprü District Akbayır Neighborhood Abdulkadir Badıllı Boulevard crashes occurred. President Beyazgül, who started working on the subject since his appointment to this day, met with the residents of the neighborhood by examining the way the crashes took place.

Neighborhood residents and Sanliurfa met with the technical staff of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Beyazgül thanked the residents of the neighborhood.

Stating that the work will begin in the region from tomorrow, President Beyazgül found a statement on the subject.

In his statement, President Beyazgül said, prü We came together with our AK Party Provincial Chairman and Karaköprü Mayor on the second 35 meter road on the road of Abdulkadir Badıllı Boulevard. 1 After we bought Mazbatam in April, we carried out our studies with our technical friends. In a short period of time, we started the tender process of this road. Our machines will come to the region as of this evening and our work will start from tomorrow. This year, we started revision works due to the collapses on some rural roads due to the rains. As soon as we took office, we rolled up our sleeves and started our work for such problems. Our citizens have been victims for a certain period but now I hope we will eliminate these grievances, 120 has a daily production time and 120 days later, I hope this place will be more beautiful than before, konu he said.

On the other hand, the President of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Beyazgül Bahattin Stars, Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli and met with the technical teams of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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