Favorites Are Not Enough in Çankaya

Favorites in Cankayada Zorlanmadi
Favorites in Cankayada Zorlanmadi

by Ankara Automobile Sports Club, in memory of the late rallici Hasan Kalaycı 2019 Turkey Climbing Championship held in Çankaya 4 feet left behind a successful organization.

6 km. Opel Astra GSI won the first place in the category 3 in the race run over the 2 exit on the asphalted track with a length of 1 m. .

Refik Bozkurt from Ankara was the fastest in the category 3, while Ayhan Germirli competed in BC Vision Motorsport and Erdal Etyemez came in third and the third in the category 4. Emin Cem Yalın, who competed with IX Garage My Team for the first time, won first place and the “best time” award. GP Garage My Team won the Takım Best Team ”award in the race where Seat Leon Supercopa and Tuğrul Köselerden came second in the category 4.

The winning athletes awards, who lost his life in a tragic traffic accident 1980 Ankara Turkey Rally Champion athletes Hasan Kalaycı with his wife and copilot were presented Kalaycı Danube and ANOKA officials.



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