When Will the High Speed ​​Train Come to Bursa?

When will the train to Bursa arrive quickly
When will the train to Bursa arrive quickly

When will the High Speed ​​Train Come to Bursa? .. Time passes quickly, human memory also quickly forgets… As the star is increasingly shining and entertaining guests from outside Bursa, it becomes one of the brands of history and nature tourism and even grows with fish restaurants. it was not easy at all.
On one side there was an impressive sea view, but the road, which was a round-trip lane, was narrow and very curvy. It was difficult to reach Tirilye through that narrow road and return to Mudanya. In summer, the load of the road increased.
15 years ago…
An extension work was carried out with the opportunities of the Special Provincial Administration within the governorship but closed with the local election of 2014.
The number of lanes did not increase, but the crossings of the vehicles were relieved when the roads and bends were extended, making them safer.
The increasing attraction of Tirilye and Kumyaka's increasing recognition brought new intensities. Therefore, especially on weekends, traffic in Tirilye gets very crowded and even stuck.
On this road, Highways is currently preparing a new project.
There is work not only up to Tirilye, but also to Eskel, where the unique sandy beach has not yet been explored sufficiently due to its distance and road problems.
The expropriation determination works must be completed before the road extension works from Mudanya to Tirilye and from there to Eşkel will begin and the technical preparations will begin.
This is the work that started now.
Firstly, within the scope of price determination studies, the owners of the property on the route were notified. After the legal problems are solved, the technical preparation of the project will begin.
When we told one of our friends in the relevant position that we talked about, hazırlan The preparation of the project and extending the road seems to take a long time, edi he said:
TEKN When TEKNOSAB near Karacabey is finished and production starts, this road will become important for the industry. That's why it won't grow as long as it's thought.

Yıldıztepe 'road conflict' is resolved

Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz'ın very important in the solution of the road crisis during the Yıldıztepe project.
Mudanya Municipality's cultural facility project, the road to the back of the desire to get out, the study was not approved by the Highways.
According to what we have heard, the Highways conveyed some of the works that should be done to Mudanya Municipality, and the municipality started to do these.
When it's done, highways will complete the road-back.

The highway is opening, new roads are on the agenda, we did not forget the fast train!

In these columns, mesaj Every time we include an improvement in transport projects, a message rain starts from some readers:
Unuz You forgot the high-speed train ne when will it arrive in Bursa? ”
We have not forgotten the high-speed train. We even take care to convey every step taken as we hear the smallest development.
Although the citizens of Bursa are desiring and waiting with great longing, the high-speed train is reluctant to come to Bursa.
Just last year…
When the 2020 year target for test drives was voiced, there were friends who rebuked us for writing ız we are willing to 2023 ”. Apparently, there are even longer dates.
Leave the superstructure and rail laying and electromechanical systems, infrastructure work is not finished yet. Those studies are not at all temperamental and exciting.
The last image we received shows that only 4 workers are working in Demirtaş Viaduct. I guess there's no need for another word.

The industrialist did not care about the Gemlik Train

In the beginning… Besides the high-speed train project, there was also a freight train line that would reach the port in Gemlik.
In order to transport industrial products to the port, a line would be built in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.
TCDD management suspended the Gemlik Train because it was not profitable to pave the way for the high speed train project. Interestingly, the Bursa industrialists gave the impression that they did not care about the Gemlik Train by remaining silent. (Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay)

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