Cosmonaut Coming to Bursa Uludağ

Bursa Uludaga Cosmonaut is Coming
Bursa Uludaga Cosmonaut is Coming

Bursa Science and Technology Center (BTM), projected by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of educating future scientists and making science popular with young people, will bring astronomy enthusiasts 'ASTROFEST 2019' to the summit of Uludağ. Colorful surprises await at the summit of the participants of the international event, which will bring the minds day and night together in science to Uludağ. Participants will witness dozens of scientific activities as well as the Perseid Meteorite rain. A lucky winner will be given a tour of the Bursa skies.

Everything about the sky

19-20-21 will be held at Uludağ Karinna Hotel on July. Numerous astronomer and science participants in the astrofest of Turkey's most important astronomical event will give a conference of human, telescope observations, astronomy and nature-themed workshops, nature walks, science shows and many more trainers and will spend the day 3 filled with science through fun activities .

Cosmonaut coming to Uludag

TUBITAK, Istanbul University, Turkish Astronomical Society, Bursa Amateur Astronomy Club representatives from institutions such as the event will also participate in this year's famous guests. During the festival, dozens of professionals who are experts in their fields, who shape the world of science, will share their experiences in space and sky science with the participants. 7 day in space 23 hours 8 minutes of Syria and Syria's first cosmonaut going to space, Mohammad Ahmed Faris, will tell the space adventure.

Recordings in progress

As the countdown continues for the international event, which will bring together those interested in astronomy at the summit, the festival continues to record. 3 will bring together famous names from science, technology and astronomy in Uludağ or can get detailed information from web addresses.

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