Buca Subway Will Be Driverless

buca metro line
buca metro line

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to solve the necessary financing for Buca Metro Line by means of international credit, to tender in six months, to start construction in 2020 and to open 13,5 kilometer line in five years.

The Buca metro line is designed as a deep tunnel metro line and will be built by using TBM machine. In this way, possible traffic, infrastructure problems and social life problems in the construction area will be minimized. With the stations to be established at the 11 point, train sets will be activated without a driver on the metro line, which will contribute to ease of transportation.

Metro that will depart from Buca Çamlıkule point; Buca Koop, Dokuz Eylul Tinaztepe Campus, Hasanaga Garden, Butchers Square, Buca Municipality, Sirinyer, General Asim Gunduz, Bozyaka, Zafer Tepe and Ucyol stop will end.

The total cost of the metro line is 245 billion 3 million pounds. It is planned to reduce the transportation time to 318 minutes by metro which will serve between Çamlıkule and Üçyol.

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