BTS: 'We Will Be Followers of Çorlu Train Accident'

bts corlu to find the real responsible for the train accident we will follow
bts corlu to find the real responsible for the train accident we will follow

Birleşik On the 1 anniversary of the Çorlu Train Accident; we will continue our struggle to find the real ones! ”

The written statement made by BTS is as follows; “Exactly 1 years ago, 8 on July 2018 Uzunköprü-Halkalı line 12703 passenger train number km 161'de passing through the culvert 5 wagon off the road as a result of the 25 passengers lost their lives and 339 passengers were injured.

In order to relieve responsibility after the accident, no public servants had resigned from their posts while linking the cause of the accident to excessive rainfall in the region.

The pain of the families who lost their lives in the past time did not go away, some of the wounded were left alone with their life-long permanent disability.

Following the accident, the families of the people who lost their lives in the accident and the wounded were followed by the case, and the struggle was made for revealing the real responsible persons. While our union was in solidarity with the families in this process, it became a party to the case and fought legally for revealing and punishing the real responsible persons.

1 over the years in the last time in the accident; In the legal process that started with an indictment extending from revealing the real responsible persons, we witnessed the publication of a report prepared by Çorlu Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in order to determine the cause of the accident.

Last month, we witnessed the press release of the families in front of the Constitutional Court and witnessing the prevention of the sit-in by the security forces. In the last hearing of the case in Çorlu, we witnessed the fact that the security forces did not want to take their relatives to the courtroom and then the court delegation wanted to withdraw from the case.

Throughout this process, we observe with concern that the real perpetrators of the train accident, such as the tragedy in both the legal and administrative stages, are wanted to be closed with fines imposed on only a few employees.

As BTS, while we commemorate our losses in the first year of the Çorlu Train Accident, we once again announce that we will be the followers to find the real responsible of the accident.

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