Bozbal: National YHT Production Must Be Performed In Eskişehir

bozbal milli yht production must be made in eskisehir
bozbal milli yht production must be made in eskisehir

Great Union Party (BBP) Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Şaban Bozbal, National YHT project is an unacceptable decision to be given to the Sakarya BMC firm, "Production must be done in Eskisehir." He said.

Bozbal said: esi The production of the High Speed ​​Train in Eskişehir by TÜLOMSAŞ should have been a decision. This project comes to life at TÜLOMSAŞ in the fastest and most economical way.

Some cities aim to block our Eskişehir by lobbying. Eskişehir is a rising value. TÜLOMSAŞ is a brand with its technical staff, engineers, test centers and history.

Especially during this economic crisis, we should pave the way for TÜLOMSAŞ, which will revive our economy by protecting the relics. We must prevent losses with the dynamics and authorities of Eskişehir. "


  1. Tülomsaş's production facilities are wide and experienced technical staff available.YHT suitable place to make production quality specifications based on the technical specifications are prepared.TTŞ appropriate and cheap price vren company takes the tender and produces yht