Bozankaya33 Million Euro Tramway Exports to Romania

Bozankaya and Timisoara sign a tram agreement worth € million
Bozankaya and Timisoara sign a tram agreement worth € million

Bozankaya and the Municipality of Timişoara signed an 16 million-euro contract for the supply of 33 low-floor trams. Initial deliveries will begin within 18 months and the contract duration will be completed in 48 months.

BozankayaThe trams to be produced in this scope will be 30 meters long, 5 module and 170 passenger capacity, while the low-floor design will provide ease of passenger boarding and boarding. BozankayaTimisoara will be the first city in Romania to have battery-powered trams. The 70 km / h speed-powered trams will be able to travel longer than 60 km in case of disruption of the electricity grid. At the same time, the battery-powered tram is an attractive option for the historic city centers of Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture at 2021. When the tram line needs to be extended, it will allow the tram line to be expanded without having to build additional catenary lines.

Bozankayaowner Murat Bozankaya“The pioneer of Timisoara city rail transport, the city's tram system has an 1869-based history, and will become the city that buys battery-powered trams in Romania, X he said.

Most of the funding required for the fulfillment of the contract will be provided by the European Union.

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