One Belt One Road Project Translate Interests of Chinese businessmen to Turkey

Export the attention of a road project was a generation of Chinese businessmen turkiyeye
Export the attention of a road project was a generation of Chinese businessmen turkiyeye

China's billion-dollar railway project, which began as 'a Generation One Way', turned the attention of Chinese businessmen to Turkey.

Railway project because it is Turkey's only bridge to Europe to visit Chinese businessmen began to invest in many areas in Turkey. Last month the president of the construction company that is running the 40 thousand people while doing research for investment in Turkey, Christmas came in Soho Istanbul Textile managers. In the 350 September 500-Chinese businessman personality group, it is coming to Turkey to investigate investment opportunities. Chinese group of experts brought to Turkey, he said such groups are not interested in the billion-dollar projects with non-business volume.

The biggest Chinese companies coming to Turkey this month, the Chinese company was Sacotech blockcha. The company, a private organization that employees organize every year in Turkey this year. thousand employees of the company came to Turkey. The senior management of Sacotech also held talks to get the coal mine in particular.

Chinese businessmen, they are ready for a billion-dollar purchase, he said. Turkey to bring RSS Travel Company President Silver, Amasra Ankara and groups of 35 people who visited a Chinese businessman and coal mines, he said talks aimed at buying. Gumus, "at the end of the negotiations can be made important mining site agreements," he said. (MORNING)

Current Railway Tender Schedule

Salt 24

Tender Notice: Horizontal Life Line Will Be Purchased (TUDEMSAS)

September 24 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
Organizer: TÜDEMSAŞ
+90 346 2251818
Tsar 25

Announcement of Tender: Elevator Electro-Mechanical Works

September 25 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
Tsar 25
Oct 01

Procurement Notice: Independent Audit Service Will Be Obtained

October 1 @ 10: 00 - 11:00
Organizer: TCDD
444 8 233
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