The tram gospel to Bayraklı!

flag of the tram
flag of the tram

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer and Secretary General On Sunday, Buğra Gökçe toured the streets of Bayraklı. Bayraklı Mayor Serdar Sandal hosted the deputy mayors and the relevant managers and the delegation touring the district, the projects planned to be implemented in Bayraklı spoke. Within the scope of the visit, many projects were discussed, ranging from Özkanlar Marketplace to Altınyol's underground, to the new tram line planned to pass through Bayraklı.

Tunceli Soyer Altinyol, who listened to Bayrakli and listened to the projects of the municipality, found the underground and tramway ideas feasible and stated that they would support them.

Soyer, which is one of the most important projects that will bring Bayraklı to the coast with the sinking-output of Altınyol, as in the case of Mithatpaşa, is considered as a 'reasonable project', Soyer said, considering its applicability and working on it. Mayor Sandal stated that the project will solve not only Bayraklı but also an important problem in İzmir. The only way to reach the beach is the overpass and is inadequate for the actively used coast, indicating that the authorities, a sunk-output can be made easier to meet with the coast of Bayraklılılar said. In addition, Soyer instructed that the cafeteria of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality be assigned to Bayrakli Municipality.

Bayraklı Municipality officials who explained to President Soyer about a new tram line project which is not included in the transportation master plan but which was seen as a need in Bayraklı in the process reached, conveyed information about the route line about 7 km which can continue until Bornova. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General, stating that a new line is possible on Sakarya Street and that a feasibility study should be carried out on this subject. Bugra Gokce, "Sakarya Street or Captain Ibrahim Hakki Street can be a rail system on the road," he said, and said it will work on.

Intersections will be ornamented with history
In Bayraklı, which also includes the 5 millennium ancient Smyrna Ancient City, President Soyer was very impressed by the presentation of the project where the main intersections and streets will be colored with republic, Smyrna and efe themed sculptures and environmental arrangements. suggested. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to make the passage of Smyrna Square to the entrance of the ancient city of Smyrna, the statue of Homer to the entrance to the ancient city of Smyrna, and mythological and historical reliefs and wall reliefs to various intersections. Soyer also said that a platform can be built on the sea and sculpture can be placed there. Secretary General Gökçe said, ın Let a sculpture workshop be held in Bayraklı. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, let us support. Let the sculptors come and participate and the project will emerge. ”

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