President Seçer Gives Good News for Mersin Metro

president secer gave good news for mersin subway
president secer gave good news for mersin subway

📩 02/07/2019 12:12

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news for the Mersin subway. Diyarbakırlılar Association Mersin Branch Chairman Ferudun Gündüz and the members of the board of directors Seçer accepts, Mersin to be a brand city projects to be realized, future-oriented investment plans and projects they will implement. Stating that they have come up with solutions for all priority problems of Mersin, Seçer said, “We will introduce the people of Mersin to big projects with the decisions and projects we take in different fields. One of them is the metro. We started studies on this subject. If possible, we want to take this step in the first quarter of 2020. ”

president secer gave good news for mersin subway
president secer gave good news for mersin subway

Ik We took the steps of a strong cooperation ”
Expressing that they have fulfilled every service they have promised since the day they came to office, Seçer said that they have taken the first steps of a strong project for traffic which is one of the most important problems of Mersin Port. Seçer said, “We made a rapid zoning change regarding the traffic shortage of the port gate. We have taken the first steps of a strong project cooperation with MIP and State Railways to realize the direct connection of the highway connection road to the harbor. ”

“We will boldly embark on all the investments Mersin needs”
Your selections President, the situation in Turkey's economy is their obstacle for some projects, but quickly highlighting what they are looking for ways to exceed in it, "then political thought and in five years we will boldly enter into investments that need Mersin far a way from the choice of how I gained trouble. We are determined. We don't want to waste a pound. We'il use it wisely. We're a rich municipality. The important thing is to be able to use them in a rational, effective and efficient way and we will do so. ”

Mayor of Mersin expressed that the people of Mersin gave an important message to them when they went to the elections. and chose us. I have to do this task well. I need to think much bigger, more inclusive..

Maz Taking refuge behind excuses does not suit me ”
Seçer stated that they did not complain about the situation of the current municipality they took over and that they did not take any excuse. “We cannot complain; Taking refuge behind the excuses as we took over the debris is not worthy of people struggling for success, it doesn't suit me at all. We will be very successful. The important thing is to make a rational municipal administration. My world view is affected by the city. What I think, how I think the city becomes that. If you are a mayor who values ​​art and culture, your city's value judgments such as art, culture and sports are rising ”.

Ferudun Gündüz, ız We are with you on everything ”
Ferudun Gündüz, the head of the Diyarbakır Association's Mersin Branch, expressed his wishes to the President Seçer on behalf of the management of the association and expressed that they are open to cooperation in every artistic, cultural and economic project to be implemented for the city. Gündüz said, ız We are with you in every matter and we have come to give support message. We want to contribute to the development of the city's economy, cultural life and other processes. We want to act together in both social and economic projects. We see the Metropolitan Mayor as the leader of the city. We think that the leader who will make the most important contribution in the development of the city is the mayor in terms of budget, staff and vision. We want our association to interact in the Metropolitan Municipality ”. After the visit, Gündüz presented President Seçer a gift.

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