Ankarakart Period Begins in Blue Private Public Buses

ankarakart period starts on blue private public buses
ankarakart period starts on blue private public buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate of Transportation Technology Department, Blue Private Public Buses (OHO) with Ankarakart boarding application is implemented.

With the validity of Ankarakart on the Blue Private Public Buses that provide public transportation services in the capital with cash, the cash fee application will end.


With the commencement of Ankarakart application in Mavi Private Public Buses, the citizens of Başkent will be able to provide more convenient and easy transportation with a single card.

EGO Buses 20 March March 2013 date, and Private Public Transport Vehicles 15 May 2017 date began to be used Ankarakart, Private Public Buses will be valid in a short time.


The EGO General Directorate sent a notification to the 15 Private Public Bus, which provides bulk transportation services in the 200 route throughout the city.

Thanks to the application that accelerates the transition to the electronic toll collection system within the scope of the smart city management system, private citizens operating within the boundaries of Ankara by private and legal persons and providing public transportation services, as in other public transportation services, citizens, Ankarakart and contactless credit cards and Private can be used.


The transfer time of the 75 minutes will remain valid for EGO Buses and Rail Systems, but will not be applied in the first place in Private Public Buses (ÖHO).

In the capital, 132 Private Public Transportation (ELV), 200 Private Public Bus (ÖHO) and Thousand 448 EGO Buses serve.

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