Ankara Metropolitan Road-Asphalt, Pedestrian Crossing and School Playground Lines

ankara asphalt pedestrian crossing and school playground lines from buyuksehir
ankara asphalt pedestrian crossing and school playground lines from buyuksehir

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 65 thousand square meters of road line between April and June, 4 thousand square meters of pedestrian crossing and staggering process was carried out on the streets and streets within the area of ​​responsibility.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works Road Asphalt Branch Directorate teams in the last three months also 35 school 240 playground line, 6 thousand square meters of school row line and parking line work has done.


The officials of the Department of Science Affairs stated that the city roads and inter-neighborhood group roads with a width of 15 meters and over are within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Municipality and informed that the road marking works on the roads whose lines have been deleted, especially the newly opened roads, continue uninterruptedly.

Science Department of the teams connected to the Department of April, May and June this year, covering the period of the capital roads, indicating that the 65 thousand square meters of road line was drawn officials, at the same time 4 thousand square meters of pedestrian crossing and bowl painting process, he said.


Within the framework of its cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of National Education and School Directorates, it continues to work on school line lines and parking lines, especially on the creation of playgrounds in school gardens.

The teams spent a lot of time between April and June in order to make children socialize as well as their personal development by playing games outside their education. The teams built an 35 playground, 240 thousand 6 square meter school line and parking line between April and June.


The children who make use of the lines of the Metropolitan Municipality to the school gardens in the physical education classes have fun during the break time by playing in the lines made to the playgrounds.

Play lines, which aim to keep traditional children's games alive and transfer them to future generations; it helps children learn the unity, solidarity and the ability to act together. Metropolitan Municipality, school gardens; Tombik and Handkerchief Grab, Yakantop, I Sell Oil I Sell Honey, Hopscotch, Three Stones, Snake, Corner Hatchet, Dragging-Tenth-Multiple Hopscotch, Compass, Balance Line, Labyrinth and Movement Index playgrounds.


Stating that the lines of playgrounds in the school gardens will continue uninterrupted upon the holiday of the schools, the officials of the Department of Science Affairs gave the following information:

Imiz Our teams will continue to work at all points needed during the summer vacation. In the new academic year, our students will have either renovated or newly drawn playgrounds in the school gardens. Our work will continue at all points in Ankara, regardless of kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school, high school, university and private schools, as required, required or requested through ALO 153 Blue table. ”

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