Alanya Teleferik's Price Schedule

alanya cable car price schedule unlawful
alanya cable car price schedule unlawful

While the emergence of exorbitant ropeway prices has been set by the Alanya Municipality Council since February, it was shocking, and if the old contract had not been changed, the ropeway price would have been between 14,4-21,6 TL. On the other hand, jurist Stroller "We will sue if necessary," he said

yenialany toAccording to the news from Ceren Sahin; Alanya Teleferik returned to the tangle of the price tariffs and discussions while maintaining the silence of the Alanya Municipality, Alanya Municipality Council of the price tariff paved the way for the decision of the council has revealed the New Alanya.

It was learned that in accordance with this decision, which was presented unofficially and accepted unanimously at the council meeting of Alanya Municipality in February, the authority to determine the cable car tariff was given to the Council of Alanya on condition that the relevant condition was fulfilled. In other words, it is legally possible to determine and present the cable car tariff by the Alanya Municipality Council and to apply this price with the acceptance of the company as of February.

So, what was the amended clause of the contract stipulating? Former Mayor of Alanya Municipality Hasan Sipahioğlu 2012 year of the council in the council of June, the signing of the cable car contract will be signed and 6'nci article related to pricing 'annual ticket prices increase according to the increase in public bus ticket prices' was used. 2019 until February this contract implemented by the cable car under the contract, by the decision of the council 'Annual ticket prices Alanya municipal council to determine the' form.

According to Article 2019, which is amended by the agreement before the February 6, the ropeway prices may be at the maximum 6 times of the current bus fares, up to the 6 percentage in ticket prices after the 20 strict principle is applied according to the same article of the contract (+, -) authority was given with the consent of the municipality.

Current bus fares in Alanya are 3 TL. So, what could be the lowest and highest wages of the lift before the contract clause was changed?

- 3 TL (Current bus fare) x6 = 18 TL, less than 20 percent (-3,6 TL) = 14,4 TL
- 3 TL (Current bus fare) x6 = 18 TL, percentage above 20 (+ 3,6 TL) = 21,6 TL

The current price determined by the municipal council of Alanya Teleferik is 28 TL. According to the article before the amendment of the contract, the price of the cable car, which can be the lowest 14,4 TL and the highest 21,6 TL, is updated as 28 TL after the change of the article.

On the other hand, MHP District Chairman Mustafa Türkdoğan announced on the news and stated that the committee was taken '10 to Alanya from the TL' decision is not in any of the price tariffs on the Alanya Cable Car and on the website. If Turkey's distance many times in different places that make a difference when compared with the exorbitant tariffs Alanya longest cable car line in the cableway's what the latest situation is still not made an official statement and mystery.

Alanya Teleferik opening to support Alanyaaspor'a Alanya Municipality by the ticket price of the ticket will be given to the club promised 1 TL. However, this promise was not fulfilled. In the explanations about the cable car prices returned to the tangle, it was reported that 1 TL of the ticket prices were given to Alanyaspor, and as a result of the investigations Alanyaspor did not receive any price. 1,5 years ago, but last January on the issue of the issue has not been held again on the agenda said. Since January, Alanya Municipality has been told that the 1 TL of the ticket prices will be given to Alanyaspor by the cable car since January, but again, a donation offer has been made recently, but it has not been accepted that the donation is not accepted for the backward payments. On the other hand, 1 TL promised another institution and chaired by Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel'ın Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) according to the data announced by ALTAV 150 thousand pounds in total was expressed.

Global Journalists Council (KGK) Founding President, Dim Medya A.Ş. Chairman of the Board, veteran journalist Mehmet Ali Dim, the social media account sharing made by the council decision and the decision taken by the municipal council 28 TL decision. , According to the contract in Alanya Teleferik; public bus price 3 TL x 6 multiples = 18 TL less than 20 percent (-3,6 TL) = 14,4 TL or above 20 percent (+ 3,6 TL) = 21,6 TL should be the reason why the Municipal Council determines the ticket price as 28 TL? .

Consumer Rights Association (THD) Alanya Branch President Cemal Şencan, due to the exorbitant prices of a service that can not benefit the public can not be the local government activity “21 even a lot of pounds. Minimum 15 pounds. Even children under the age of 6 should have 2,5 lira. The lowest sections of society should be considered. Local governments should not profit for such services. A price to cover the cost should be determined. Prices should be planned according to the lowest group. This is not local government activity if the public is unable to benefit from the service and only gets on board with money. This is not social municipalism. The social municipality addresses the entire community. In particular, the practice of lowering the ropeway to a lower price is unlike any other in the world. I'm thinking, I can't name it. Such a thing cannot happen, it cannot be ”.

Lawyer Müge Gezginci stated that the decision is unlawful in her statement that she evaluates the issue from a legal point of view. Olarak As a lawyer, I must say that a declaration of will concerning the whole society must be written. Word flies, writing remains. As stated by the CHP councilors in February, it is possible to determine the ropeway tariff by Alanya Municipality Council with the written approval of the company. A contract is a declaration of mutual will between two or more persons, whose terms are supported by law. It is also the case of the Constitution 90. article, the provisions of competition in the Turkish Commercial Code, equality rules, free market conditions. It leads to discrimination and othering among citizens. The Republic of Turkey all cities, counties, towns and villages in the law is applied equally. The fact that the cities are different does not mean that the laws will be applied differently. As a result, we are not governed by the state system, we are subject to a unitary state understanding. Obviously, we are wondering how to explain this to local and foreign tourists who want to come to Alanya. If this unlawful decision is brought to the judiciary, it is highly probable that it will be annulled. In this way, the authority of Alanya Municipality Council, which constitutes the basis of this decision, will be removed from the price determination authority. It is certain that this issue will be brought to the judiciary since every citizen has the right to sue against this decision of the Municipal Assembly. We declare that if necessary, we will resort to legal remedies and follow-up against this decision which humiliates Alanya in international tourism. After this process, the citizen will be faced with high prices, since the authority to determine the price tariff will be the sole operating company. This process done by the Municipal Assembly is nothing but eyebrows while making eyebrows ”.

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