The Name of What Is Done in Alanya Teleferik is Discrimination

alanya ropeway is the name of the discrimination
alanya ropeway is the name of the discrimination

Alanya Teleferik's 'Alanya to 10 TL' tariffs in Alanya, this time attracted the reaction of the president and members of fellow associations. While the reactions from all segments of society grow avalanches, Alanya Municipality still keeps its silence.

NEW AlanyaReaction to the price of 10 TL continues to come into force in Alanya Teleferik on the headline news of Alanya. Alanya live 312 thousand 319 from people, Turkey's 81 provinces from coming to Alanya settlers per cent 52.11 (162 thousand 775) as described, place of residence to the bringing of Alanya to 10 worth of tariffs at this time, he rebelled against the heads of fellow countrymen associations.

Hüseyin Şahin, President of Alanya Konyalılar and Karamanlılar Association said: “Prices are really high. My wife is from Ordu and the price of the 3, although the cable car in Ordu has a long distance. In fact, it is necessary to make a system critique by saying that the build-operate-transfer model is left in the classroom. Even though privatizations are touted as very innocent, it can be seen that it can create serious grievances for the public. Municipalities are responsible for protecting the rights of the people. The population does not include only those who live in Alanya in a tourism city. Because the tourism sector is the locomotive of Alanya economy and everyone eats bread directly or indirectly from tourism. It is clear that this tariff implemented will undermine tourism and create distrust. I ask, how can this situation be told to a local guest from Ankara, Konya, Istanbul, Erzurum? 10 pounds to us, but you're going to call you 28 lira? It is not fair. It's not nice either. This is called discrimination, urban nationalism. Is there no Konyali, Trabzon or Ankara who voted for the current management in Alanya? When it comes to relatives of these people, does it apply to the conscience to apply 3 solid price tariff on the cable car? Is the head of the non-Alanyaan bald? As far as we can follow, no official statement has been made by the municipality. The Municipality of Alanya should immediately clarify the issue and explain the terms of the contract ”.

President of Alanya Black Sea Association Mehmet Balikci çı 28 lira on one side, 10 lira on the other side is not fair to me. For example, I was in Ordu the other day. 8 lira in Ordu. Whoever gets in. Whether you're an Army or a citizen from Van. Equal to everyone. Let's say, if my sister came from Bursa to me, 10 lira to me, my sister 28 lira. My sister's a ride to the cable car. He rebels, 'Why you 10 lira to me 28 lira' he. Even the standard price should not be limited to citizens of the Republic of Turkey. After all, all our guests coming to Alanya and our country are under our protection. Separate prices for foreigners and separate prices for Turks is also wrong. Many years ago there were different menus in Alanya and in those years it was very much discussed. Of course, the cable car in Ordu was built by the municipality. I think there is a price commitment because it is built with build-operate-transfer model. I do not know. The contract with the ropeway needs to be explained immediately and the existing information pollution must be terminated. Cer (Ceren ŞAHİN - New Alanya)

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