The council determines the price in Alanya Teleferik

alanya ropeway determines the price encumen
alanya ropeway determines the price encumen

Erdogan Toktas, a former CHP member of parliament, announced that Alanya Municipality was given the right to determine the price of the cable car directly to the Alanya Municipal Committee with the proposal submitted by Mayor Yücel to the agenda of February 2019.

Ceren Şahin from YeniAlanyaAccording to the news of; “While Alanya Municipality maintained its silence regarding the price tariff and discussions of Alanya Teleferik, which returned to its tangle, yesterday a parliamentary decision was made. It was learned that in the council meeting of Alanya Municipality held in February, the authorization was given to Alanya Municipal Committee in determining the cable car tariff in accordance with an article that was presented out of the agenda and accepted unanimously. In other words, according to the adopted parliamentary decision, it is legally possible to determine the cable car tariff by the Alanya Municipal Committee and present it to the company, and to apply this price permanently upon the acceptance of the company.

In the 2012 Decision No: 75 Council meeting held in the period of Hasan Sipahioğlu, the former Mayor of Alanya Municipality, the ropeway agreement to be signed is submitted to the Parliament. Article 6 of the ropeway agreement provides a statement on lendir increasing annual ticket prices according to the increase in public bus ticket prices ilgili. The provisions of the ropeway agreement are exactly as follows:

  • Regular Ticket 9.00 TL. (Including VAT).
  • Applying 50 percent discount to students to present their ID.
  • 50 percent discount will be applied to disabled citizens accepted by law.
  • Those who are Turkish citizens and who are over the age of 65 receive a discount of 50 per cent.
  • No charge from martyr families and veterans.
  • 20 percent discount is applied to groups including and above 50 people.
  • Authorize the operator to issue a price up to 20 (+, -) in ticket prices.
  • Increase annual ticket prices according to the increase in public bus ticket prices.
  • The annual fee is not less than 2 percent of the annual turnover.
  • Making tenders over the turnover share,
  • 60.000 (Sixty thousand) TL is taken as fixed yearly rent and annual rent increase is realized at PPI rate.
  • Of Tender Law No. 2886. According to the article, because the cable car facility is for tourism purposes, the establishment of the same right in favor of the operating company for the period of 64 is leased and the construction period is maximum 20 (one) year after the permission of the Monuments Council and this period is within the 1 (twenty) year lease period.
  • Purchase of 4 buses of the type and model to be determined by the municipality by the operating company to carry those who want to go to the castle by cable car and those who do not want to go to the castle by cable car.
  • Authorize the municipal council to conduct the tender for the cable car.
  • The requirement for the decision is deposited with the Directorate of Financial Services and the Directorate of Real Estate and Expropriation.

CHP lawyer Erdogan Toktas, who was one of the members of the city council of the Alanya City Council, said to New Alanya, “Within the scope of the article submitted to the parliament by the management of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, the cable car contract that was previously made during the period of Hasan Sipahioğlu was related to the pricing. They demanded that Article 6 be changed. They canceled the sentence '20 percent discount is applied to groups including and above 50 people in the contract'. In addition, they demanded that the sentence 'Increasing annual ticket prices according to the increase in public bus ticket prices' be changed to 'Determination of annual ticket prices by Alanya Municipality'. In other words, they wanted to make a decision to determine the ticket prices by Alanya Municipality. We, as the CHP Group, objected to this request with the justification we submitted without the written request of the contractor company that the terms of the contract cannot be changed unilaterally. They said, 'They promised verbally, we agreed with each other'. I said, 'Not to say these words, they should submit a written document to the file, declare in writing that they will accept the price determined by the municipality'. With this condition, we decided unanimously. It is this parliamentary decision that we have already annotated and that creates uncertainty before the public ”.

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