Alanya Cable Car Price Schedule

alanya cable car price schedule
alanya cable car price schedule

Alanya Teleferik Price Tariff Lips: The tariff applied by Alanya Teleferik is collecting reaction. The ticket price of Alanya's 37 annual dream cable car finally saw the 28 lira. THD President Cemal Şencan said: “The rich and tourists will get on board but the citizen cannot ride. This is like looking at the meat in the butcher and swallowing. ”

Once used as a means of transportation, ropeway lines come to the forefront as tourist lines rather than transportation. Even though the ropeway lines are numbered in our country, they are widely used in the world and their numbers are increasing in our country. Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, now has the 3 cable car line, one in Alanya. The price tariffs applied to the ropeways transferred to the subcontractors with the contracts signed are variable. Alanya Teleferik is also the focus of discussions in Alanya with the price tariff in recent days.


Debates on the cable car line brought to Alanya by the build-operate-transfer model by the Municipality of Alanya continue. One of the most debated issues is the support of 1 lira to Alanya's pride Alanyaspor. While there is still no explanation about the issue, the price tariff of the lift is also on the agenda of Alanya as another topic of the most debated issue of recent days.


Alanya's 37 annual fictional cable car has been hosting thousands of local and foreign visitors since August of 2017. The cable car line, which starts from the station next to Damlataş Cave, carries 900 person to the Ehmedek area of ​​Alanya Castle in an hour with 14 cabin at 1130 meters. The cable car ride takes about 5 minutes.

Duplex 28 TL
Students and children (duplex) 17 TL
One Way 22 TL
Students and children (one way) 14 TL

Ticket prices are determined as 28 TL for adults and 17 TL is requested from students and children. For one-way trips, the price for adults falls to 22 TL. Students and children are charged over 3 TL with a difference of 14 TL.


New Alanya, Antalya's other ropeways applied price tariffs investigated. In Tünektepe, which is twice the distance from the Alanya Cable Car, which is 900 meters in distance, ticket prices are half that of Alanya, while Olympos, which is more than 3 times more than the Alanya Cable Car, doesn't even cost Alanya's 3 floors. Completed in 2017, Tünektepe Teleferik transports 36 visitors with 1200 cabins to 15 elevated Tünektepe at the end of a journey of 1706 meters from Sarısu, which is located 605 kilometers away from the center of Antalya. The cable car ride takes about 10 minutes. Ticket prices are not reserved for adults and children. Every person who wants to use the cable car buys tickets at standard price. Children aged 0-6 are not charged, while others are charged in 15 lira. Another cable car line in Antalya is located in Kemer.

Olympos Teleferik boarding from Tekirova, located to the west of Kemer, takes visitors to the summit of Tahtali Mountain with a height of 2 thousand 365 meters. The cable car ride takes approximately 10 minutes. Ticket prices vary according to the domestic and foreign nationality of the visitors. The bidirectional price tariff for adults is determined as 85 TL, while 7 TL is requested for children between the ages of 12-42,5. Adults who want to buy one-way tickets can buy their tickets on 57 TL. In children, this figure falls from 42,5 TL to 28,5 TL.


Consumer Rights Association (THD) Chairman of the Alanya Branch Cemal Şencan, stating that the cable car prices are quite high, urged that this situation be urgently corrected. Şencan said, fiyat The price issue of the cable car has been on the agenda before. It is necessary to determine whether this cable car is for profit or travel. Costs should be calculated accordingly. But no matter what, these things don't cost too much. There are only electricity costs. Although it is a build-operate-transfer model, providing cheaper services to the public is one of the principles of municipalism. I don't see what my people can't ride as a facility. Rich, good people, tourists, but my citizens can not ride. This is like looking at the meat in the butcher and swallowing. The main idea should be calculated in such a way that the poorest part of the population can benefit. Otherwise, the existence or absence of this facility is not very important. ” (Yenialany to)

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