Air Conditioning Control in Public Transport Vehicles in Diyarbakır

air conditioning control in public transport vehicles
air conditioning control in public transport vehicles

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has increased the climate control of public transportation vehicles serving in the city center due to the weather temperatures which are above the seasonal norms.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, due to the fact that the weather temperatures are above the seasonal norms, citizens, public transport controls in order to use the air conditioning frequent. Within the scope of the work carried out by the police teams, Public Transportation Vehicles Regulation does not comply with the criminal procedure is applied to vehicles that do not open air conditioning. Police teams are also responding meticulously to the klima Alo 153 ”telephone line by citizens and responding to them immediately.

The air conditioning controls in public transportation are carried out periodically by the Police Department Directorate of Traffic Police teams in different points of the city. The inspections are carried out by 4 1 separate team of 20 people including 4 daytime XNUMX evening. In the inspections under the Public Transport Regulation, the police detained the minibuses and public buses and checked that the air conditioners were working. The criminal police officers, who applied criminal proceedings to public transport vehicles not working, also warned the drivers about the general cleaning of minibuses and private public buses, the pollution of the seats and the non-smoking.



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