Adrenaline and Fun Address Sukaypark

adrenaline and entertainment
adrenaline and entertainment

The Sukaypark Facilities, brought to the city by Osmangazi Municipality, offers adrenaline and entertainment together with its Cable Water Ski Center, Skateboard Track and Water Games Park.

Turkey's first cable which water skiing center Sukaypark Facility, Skateboard Tracks in Turkey's first international standard that add to the site and continues to expand with Ontario's first Water Games Park, sports and life became the center of Bursa. Among the places to be seen in the first place in Bursa, the facility is also attracting great interest by citizens from outside the city as well as the citizens of Bursa. The facility is full of water, especially during the summer months. The on-site Wired Water Ski Center and Skate Rink provide adrenaline-filled moments for extreme sports, while the Water Games Park offers children a cool and fun combination on scorching summer days.


Sukaypark, built on 100 acres in Çukurca Neighborhood, serves as a complete sports facility. facility with Turkey's being the first cable water ski center, Wakeboard with the entry into service (water skiing) World Championships and the European Cable Sukayag the (Cable Wakeboard) to international giant organizations such as Championship was hosted. The facility, which has attracted great interest by locals and foreigners since its entry into service, became the constant point of water skiing lovers with the summer months.


Facilities located in Sukaypark made in Turkey's only international standard skateboard track, was the favorite sport of the athletes who are interested in skateboarding and rollerblading. The skate rink, built by a special team from America, hosts dozens of athletes every day. preferred by the world-famous slopes for skiing athletes in Turkey on behalf of the sending athletes to the Olympics in the skateboard industry it is of great importance.


Bursa's first Water Games Park, which was established by the Municipality of Osmangazi in order to provide an alternative activity opportunity for children in the summer months, brings joy to the children during the hot summer days. Built on an area of ​​660 square meters within the Sukaypark facility, the park has a total of 20 games such as water slides, water circles set, water palm, water jets and spider water games set. Children, on a scorching summer day, are both cool and fun with the Water Games Park.

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