President Tunç Soyer What Did 100 Do?

what did the president tunc soyer day
what did the president tunc soyer day

İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer gave important signals for the next five years with what he did on the first 100 day.

Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, who took Mazbatasını 8 in April 2019 and left 100 as the president, started to implement the promised projects during the election period. In the first case, the Kiraz district, which received the lowest votes, received the highest votes with Dokuzlar Mahallesi. KarşıyakaSoyer, who went to Bostanlı Quarter of Istanbul, showed that he will adopt a service approach that will spread throughout the city without distinguishing districts, neighborhoods and villages by quickly taking the requests conveyed in Dokuzlar.

Public Transportation Mobilization is growing
Tunç Soyer, who wanted to make transportation more comfortable and enjoyable in İzmir, made important moves in the first 100 days. As the first step of the Public Transportation Campaign, the application of “Owl Expeditions” was launched and public transportation was provided at night. With the “Public Vehicle” application, public transportation vehicles went to the tariff with a 05.00 percent discount between 07.00-19.00 in the morning and 20.00-50 in the evening. It is also decided to give a 0-thousand-year transportation card to the low-income families with social support, who have children between the ages of 5-10. Public Vehicle application was also reflected to the headmen. Public transportation was made free during working hours for the muhtars who served in the city upon the order of President Soyer.

Buca traffic will relax
Accelerating the works to relieve the traffic in İzmir, Soyer also initiated the works for expanding the coastline of Altınyol from 3 lanes to 4 lanes and the project preparations of the 28-kilometer-long Adnan Menderes Airport-Karabağlar-Halkapınar metro line. In July, a good news about transportation came. Buca Metro, the primary public transportation project of Izmir, which has been waiting for approval from Ankara for 18 months, has been included in the investment program. After the tender process is completed, construction works will begin next year and Buca Metro will be opened in five years. Saying that “women will be worth the hand in İzmir's economy” before the election, Soyer also underlined that women will come to the forefront by making a call to employ 100 female bus drivers.

Water discount comes with savings
Soyer, which contributed to the budget of the Izmirers and contributed to the budget of the Izmirians and to save water, has reduced the unit price of the water, which enables the transition to a three-stage water tariff. Soyer said that the cleaning mobilization in Kadifekale, which he himself attended, will spread throughout the city and that İzmir will be a clean city.

Soyer's vision will come to life in the example of Kadifekale
Having taken important steps to make İzmir the capital of agricultural development and held its first big meeting with the managers of 105 agricultural development cooperatives when it took office, Soyer met with the officials of the agricultural cooperatives in Bergama to enlarge the Milk Lamb project. The President, who started working to establish a cooperative that includes women from Kadifekaleli, took the first step towards opening a producer market in 30 districts, again, in Kadifekale. As of July 20, Pagos Producer Market will be established in Kadifekale every Saturday.

Public participation and transparency at the forefront
Soyer also embodied the promise of the participation of the city people in the decision-making processes with the Izmir Meetings. After the meeting on Kültürpark on June 17, the second of the Izmir Meetings was held on July 18 at İsmet İnönü Art Center under the title of "Access to Agriculture and Healthy Food". The "strategic plan" studies, which are planned to be completed by September and cover the years 2020-2024, are also progressing through a participatory process. Izmir residents can submit their suggestions and projects on the "I Have a Project for Izmir" page, which is opened on the Metropolitan Municipality website.

Will be on the field
Emphasizing that they will work in coordination with the district municipalities during the election period, if he starts to work as Metropolitan Mayor, he will be in the office not in the office, but in the area and he will listen to the demands and suggestions of the citizens on the spot. one listened.

Izmir opens to the world
President Soyer is also working hard on international collaborations to achieve the “World City Izmir” goal. Continuing its preparations to open a Izmir Promotion Office in Brussels, and recently elected to the Board of the United Cities and Local Governments World Organization (UCLG), one of the world's leading local government associations, Soyer has accelerated its efforts to strengthen İzmir's strategic position domestically. Soyer, who is elected as the President of the Union of Aegean Municipalities, said, “We will support and strengthen cooperatives that produce agricultural production not only in İzmir, but also in the Aegean. We will also work together for the Izmir Bay ”.

Sustainable living
Soyer is also preparing its long-term strategy to combat the climate crisis. In this context, planning is made in line with the goal of creating a sustainable life based on renewable energy in İzmir. The establishment of Renewable Energy Branch Directorate is targeted under the roof of Climate Change Department, the establishment of which is within the scope of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Soyer confirmed the saying “we are the municipality of those who do not have the right to vote” by stopping the carriage in Izmir. All preparations have been completed for the establishment of İzmir Flamingo Nature Park.

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