Minister Turhan Participated in the "Right That Moment" Photography Contest Award Ceremony

Turhan participated in the photo contest
Turhan participated in the photo contest

Minister Turhan participated in the 2nd National East Express “Tam O Mom” Photography Contest Award Ceremony organized by Türk Telekom at The Ankara Hotel.

Turhan, in his speech here, each person has a story of how each story and every road has a story, he said.

Turhan stated that each person writes his own story, that every road witnesses the flowing time and that every photograph records the moment.

Turhan, pointing out that the lucky photo enthusiasts in Turkey, "You're in luck, because in the world of nature and history smelling like paradise land of Anatolia, so you get to travel with Orient Express train. Of course, when this is the case, these magnificent photographs that we can call 'sections from the dream world' emerge. Health to your hand, your labor, your eyes, your heart. ” he spoke.

Turhan reminded that "If you do not have a soul, your horse will not run," Turhan said that the trains have been running on the roads for 163 years with the spirit of the nation's ancient past, and that they carry ammunition to the soldiers as in the days of passenger, cargo, hope and Independence War.

“We want the development of railway photography”

In Turkey, as in Europe Turhan also stressed that they want the development of the railroad photography, "What we intend to do this purpose, if necessary. We see you as voluntary advertising ambassadors of our railways and our country. A square photograph that carries the moment we live in to the future and immortalizes it, sometimes says that thousands of pages of articles cannot tell. 'Tam O Moment' Photography Competition and Exhibition continues this mission successfully. ” used expressions.

Turhan stated that they will carry the competition to the international level next year and they will expand the scope of the competition and they will include Lake Van and South Kurtalan Expresses in the organization.

The person entering the competition come next year to pull these lines photos in Turkey, emphasizing the world will contribute to recognition of this route Turhan, said:

“The beauty of our country is obvious. While we are making our stations to add beauty to these beauties, we pay attention to reflect our history and today. Ankara Station is the best example of this. History on one side, today's architecture on the other. We also pay special attention to the afforestation of the areas where our lines pass, in addition to our stations. Our country is beautiful enough to give art wonders by pressing a shutter button. I congratulate all our award-winning photographers. Undoubtedly, this contest will have a positive effect on the train journey and the demand for our touristic train services. ”

Following the speeches, the awards were presented to the winners.

Minister Turhan, then the opening of the exhibition area, including the photos of those who took part in the review.

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