Minister Turhan participated in the Green Port Certificate Ceremony

Turhan Yesil Liman attended the certificate ceremony
Turhan Yesil Liman attended the certificate ceremony

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the Green Port Certificate Ceremony held in the Ministry, evaluated the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Although Turkey's sovereign rights in the region "storm that cut off" Turhan said, he continued: "Mediterranean, what is the backyard of one of the top nor the bottom of the front yard. The borders of countries, sovereign rights and international frameworks are certain. However, he asked us, 'What are you doing there?' those who have the audacity to say, in a word 'our right to eat.' Call. For us, the more precious and indispensable a single pebble is, the more precious and indispensable a drop of sea water is. The more we have the right to make ports in our seas, the more we have the right to carry out drilling activities in our continental shelf. Kaynaklı

Turhan said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed the government's rightfulness and determination on this issue at every opportunity.

"Maritime economic size in Turkey has exceeded $ 18 billion"

Referring to the developments in the maritime Minister Turhan, further development of the sector, increase the opportunities provided by the sea, resources to the economy and the most effective use of issues, said they attach great importance.

Turhan emphasized that the width, richness and strategic superiority of the seas are important for them and said, “What is important is that our sector which produces, operates and shines is strong in this field. Because the maritime sector and economy have an important role in world trade..

Expressing that the international maritime trade catches the fastest growth of the last 2017 year with the growth of 4 in 5 percent and reached 11 billion tons by the end of last year, Turhan stated that the 17 trillion dollar portion of the world trade, which is about 10 trillion dollars, was realized by sea.

Turhan, Turkey at that exceeded $ 18 billion of the maritime economic size and the sector that 1 million people with employment allows specifying multiple port with infrastructure and operational efficiency, noted that among the main objectives of the transport topped the world ranking.

Trafik Traffic density at ports increases by 3 per year yıllık

Turhan said that the traffic density in ports increased by an average of 3 per year due to commercial developments, and that this brought about the environmental pollution, occupational health and safety and management problems of the ports that constitute the most important link of the logistics chain and serve in or near the city centers.

At this point, Turhan stated that all segments should contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of countries within the framework of the concept of sustainable development. Our aim is to increase the international competitiveness of our ports by providing effective management awareness on environment, occupational health and safety issues. ”

Turhan emphasized that when electricity is preferred instead of fossil fuel in handling equipment, 70-80 decreases the operating costs and the damage to the environment is reduced to the lowest level, Turhan said that operators will not ignore it.

Turhan, other ports open to international traffic in the work to continue to be the places that have this certificate, noting that everyone at this point falls great responsibilities and responsibilities, he said.

Turhan said that among the factors that will affect the changes in the maritime sector are energy efficiency, environmentally friendly transportation, green ships, green ports and related innovations.

Meli We should develop our ports and shipbuilding industry in terms of capacity, technology and efficiency and ensure the safety of navigation, life and property at sea. Of course, the rejuvenation of fleet age is not negligible. ”

Following his speech, Minister Turhan presented his documents to the representative of the 15 port, which was awarded the Green Port Certificate.

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