President İmamoğlu Boarded the Tram; Listened to Citizens' Problems

President imamoglu got on the tram listened to the problems of citizens
President imamoglu got on the tram listened to the problems of citizens

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluvisited the Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya in his office. After the visit, which was closed to the press, İmamoğlu and Yerlikaya posed for the members of the press in front of the governor's office. President İmamoğlu took the tram from Gülhane Station after his program here and traveled with the citizens to Laleli Station.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu He started the second day of his work by visiting Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya in his office. The meeting, which lasted for about an hour, was held closed to the press. After the meeting, Mayor İmamoğlu and Governor Yerlikaya posed for members of the press on the stairs of the governor's office.

Leaving his car from the governor's office in Cağaloğlu, İmamoğlu got off his car at Gülhane Tram Station and got on the tram from Gülhane Station. He traveled standing up to Imamoglu Laleli Station, where citizens showed great interest. Citizens who saw Imamoglu on the tram were surprised. Listening to the problems and demands of the citizens, Imamoglu also talked about his projects. A citizen's answer to the question, "Will you do anything for students?", "We reduced student cards to 40 TL".

President İmamoğlu ended his journey, which he started at Gülhane Tram Station, at Laleli Station. Mayor İmamoğlu, who walked from here to the IMM's headquarters in Saraçhane, met tradesmen and citizens along the way. sohbet and took a souvenir photo.

After a long march, President Imamoglu entered the IMM building and answered questions from journalists.

Giving information about his meeting with the Governor Yerlikaya, İmamoğlu said, “Mutual sohbetOur subject is Istanbul. We talked about how we should start in the coming months, we will focus on the problems of Istanbul, and how we can make joint moves. Frankly, we could not talk about the 45-50 day process. We will have additional talks about him. We visited our Governor in line with the state tradition and courtesy, and we talked about our expectations, their expectations and mostly what the Istanbulites want in the coming days. An efficient sohbet happened. I hope we will have good services to Istanbul with this cooperation. Because both institutions are state institutions. Our governor and we said that we would initiate a service mobilization with the institutions ”.

Mayor İmamoğlu said, “There is a message from the Social Services Directorate for those who use the Social Assistance Card. As of June 30, these cards are said to be closed. There is an information pollution in this regard. Can we learn the latest situation from you? ” “As soon as my friends got this news, we talked over the weekend. They had a meeting about this just Saturday morning and this issue has been fixed. Messages have been conveyed that the cards have been opened for use. It continues to be forwarded. We will not have a problem in this regard. We think there is only a technical problem. This instruction was not within my knowledge. Our friends are reviewing. "

Evaluating the measures of the Presidency regarding the use of fluted vehicles, İmamoğlu said, “Of course I would evaluate positively. normalization of Turkey, access to these important behavior for civilized attitude in every respect. It is true that Mr. President draws attention to this. However, this should change noticeably at all levels of the state. Nobody should pretend to be “as if”. We already have preparation. We determine the number of vehicles that we describe as protocol or authority vehicle. We will gather them all together. We will create a system in a way that will not disturb the citizen at the point of using this systematically. Besides, I said that we have works in terms of savings item in relation to surpluses. I wish this and other arrangements continue. This is part of normalization. ”

President Imamoglu made the following statement about the posters hanging on bridges in some media organs:
“I think there were over 300 bridges and posters on some media like this. Of course, this is the beginning of a 5-year period. Especially after March 31, the first dimension of our question was to make some undeserved banners without right. Especially, the question of the municipality's management before the last election, while the election is going on, is to equip all sides with defensive posters, which was not the management of that period. Because Governor Bey was heading. It was not such a period. This is the part we are questioning. I think we are now announcing integration with the citizens with very innocent budgets. Of course, we will consider saving at every point. This is not a case to describe waste. After that, we will not spend the municipality's budget on such excesses or similar unnecessary announcements I have just described. Let me state this: I have seen how much the cultural and artistic life of Istanbul can grow with the expenditures of the municipality, especially in some items and the expenditures made under the title of art and culture. For this reason, no one should doubt that we will spend every penny, every lira of this city in favor of it, for whatever matter, for its benefit, interest and future. They really have valuable budgets in this sense. We will use those budgets in the most valuable way. No one should doubt that. ”

Upon asking the measures to be taken regarding the traffic and passenger density that occurred after the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and IETT's summer tariff, President İmamoğlu said, “We have concentrated lines regarding vehicles and repair of FSM Bridge. My friends prepared a precaution about this. I think information will be transferred during the day. I got some report, I will have an opportunity to review some of it soon. Therefore, we have taken our measures to ease our transportation axes, not the summer period, but the winter period. If there are lines that complain like this, we will also observe. We see that this summer will concentrate on the number of tourists. We expect much more than the figures for the past years. This summer and towards autumn. We will take the measures with my friends in order to avoid problems in the lines where tourists will concentrate in the summer. Today is my second working day. Still, it makes me happy to face such responsibility questions. ”

Following his resignation with the Secretary General of IMM and his deputies, President İmamoğlu answered a question about whether or not a meeting was held:

“We had contact. I invited you today. They returned that some of them had permission and had to be outside the city. Otherwise, I would have a meeting with them around this time. I'm guessing either all or most of it isn't here. We made our invitation. They have the right to obtain permission. I can't say anything to him. There are also those who resign. After that we'll take care of our business. We have shown our kindness and our efforts to establish a dialogue. Our friends have already met, they will continue their talks. The memory of the institution is here. We will preserve it. We will make the in-house memory the highest value. Let no one doubt that. To be on the board of directors for subsidiaries. Of course, we have innovative management staff. There are also people from the current staff that we will evaluate. Therefore, my friends are continuing their work on both the general assembly calls and the change of management there. Some comments are made as soon as there is a problem with the circular. Our lawyer friends are also active in this regard. I don't think we will have a problem. Because we act in accordance with the law and at that point, we are thinking of making a giant leap forward in our affiliates with innovative, expert and qualified people. There are seriously new and creative ideas that increase transparency and income, and by using the skills that some of our subsidiaries have never used before. We will implement all of them. Turkey's largest kazanWe are aware of the fact that we have affiliates that can achieve their results. We have a staff ready to use our advantages in favor of our citizens. I expect them to begin their duties quickly.”

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