Pirelli Brings the Hardest Formula 1 Tires for the Fast Curves of the UK Grand Prix!

Pirelli brings the toughest formula tires for quick bends of the British Grand Prix
Pirelli brings the toughest formula tires for quick bends of the British Grand Prix

This year Pirelli brings the three hardest tires of the series to the Silverstone race: White hard, Yellow medium and Red soft for the third time after Bahrain and Spain. The aim is to meet the high energy demands of the famous fast curves on the British track. The Silverstone track, where the first world championship Grand Prix took place about 70 years ago, is still one of the favorite favorites of motorsport.

Runway features

In the fast bends defining the Silverstone track, especially in the Maggots, Becketts and Chapel range, where all pilots enter maximum gear, the tires are constantly loaded with high energy. As a result, they are exposed to very high G force.

The entire runway surface was recoated this year just before the Grand Prix to correct bumps, improve drainage and highlight slopes. As a result, lap times can be expected to accelerate. The fastest lap time in the current order was recorded last year by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

Although the lateral energies are more prominent on the Silverstone circuit than on traction and braking, the Arena complex has slower and more technical sections. Consequently, some concessions may be required in determining the strategy. Achieving this on the runway where overtaking is absolutely possible requires great determination.

Weather forecast in the UK is always difficult. Since the British Grand Prix shows plenty of sunshine and rains on the same weekend, teams must be prepared for every condition.

Last year, there were teams that made both one and two pit stops, as it was unusual for the safety car to enter twice. All of the drivers who opted for a second pit stop did so during the safety car, and this tactic gave Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel the race. kazannagged.

Mario Isola - President of F1 and Auto Racing

“It will be interesting to see how it will affect the race as the new asphalt is poured very soon. It could make the track faster than it is. We recommend the same dough selection as last year; Along with runways such as Spa and Suzuka, they will be able to meet the highest energy demands of the year. As the runway's new asphalt and the weather conditions that are famous for the variability of England, some unknowns are waiting for us in the Silverstone race this year. Collecting data in free training is more important than ever to determine the best strategy. ”

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