Izmir, Turkey Come bike 'project was selected Urban Pioneers

Izmir to come on before the turkey was elected to the city bike project
Izmir to come on before the turkey was elected to the city bike project

📩 16/07/2019 11:00

making important strides to promote and encourage the use of bicycles in the city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey WRI EU-funded Sustainable Cities "Come to Turkey Bicycle" was elected leader in the project. 15 month-long project report prepared at the end, it will create a road map for other municipalities in Turkey who want to turn to bicycle transport.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turns to environmentalist transportation models in order to find a solution to traffic density and reduce the impact of global climate change, also carries out important studies to popularize the use of bicycles in the city. With the introduction of the bicycle lanes and rental bicycle system “BİSİM”, which was brought to the city, the increasing use of bicycles in İzmir, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt also gained momentum with the encouragement of Izmir residents to bicycle transportation by preferring bicycles in urban transportation instead of office cars.

Transportation Master Plan under the existing bike path until 2030 to increase 453 kilometers, providing the possibility of bike transport to the city's core rail system extending the reach of their networks and transshipment centers, bicycle stations, which plans to reduce the rental cost by increasing the number of bike Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is now "Come Turkey Cycling "project will also be an example to Turkey. US to spend a sustainable life urban development, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and studies carried out by WRI in Turkey (World RESORCES) Sustainable Cities carried out in the network's Turkey leg of the project in Izmir, with Eskişehir and Lüleburgaz The pilot cities were selected. The project will be completed in June of 2020, which aims to support the awareness campaigns of municipalities wishing to make the bicycle a means of transportation within the framework of the EU-funded Civil Society Support Program II.

What to do?
The project aims to increase the use of bicycles in urban areas through active and correct communication campaigns and to support cooperation between municipalities and civil society. Metropolitan Municipality officials took part in a field study held in the Netherlands last week. It will receive training for the development of bicycle culture in İzmir, will examine the examples on site and develop capacity for a city with bicycles. Three city's metropolitan municipalities, local non-governmental organizations carrying out work on a bicycle in cooperation, campaigns to increase awareness of bicycle transport will be implemented. "Come Turkey bike!" At the end of the project, the experience that each municipality's age, communication campaigns and achieve the results they will be published. This report will create a road map for other municipalities in Turkey who want to turn to bicycle transport.

Izmir in EuroVelo and Velo-City
Velo-City, which is considered as the most important bicycle summit in the world and even defined as the Expo of bicycle, took its place in İzmir this year. 25-28 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials participated in the event held in Dublin between June 2019 and introduced the 498 km cycling tourism network which brings together two important UNESCO cities. V EuroVelo 15 Mediterranean Route İzmir, which is one of EuroVelo's 8 long-distance cycling routes, starts in Spain. 10 passes through France, Monoco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. The route includes 23 world heritage and 712 fish species unique to the Aegean Region. European Cyclists Federation (ECF), the route will add Turkey as EuroVelo official in the coming days.

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