Istanbul Airport Parking Hours and Day Charges How Much?

Istanbul Airport Parking Hourly and Day Charges
Istanbul Airport Parking Hourly and Day Charges

Within the scope of PPP Projects tendered by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, the parking fee tariffs to be applied in 2019 at the airports / terminals operated by the Airport / Terminal Operators were also announced.

Atatürk Airport, the first port of air transport in Istanbul, where thousands of passengers travel between cities and countries every day, will be transported with the project made in recent years and as a matter of fact, the transportation process has been realized in recent weeks.

Europe's and Turkey's largest airport holding that title in hand was inaugurated last week in the new Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Airport was the new address of air transportation in Istanbul, which was evacuated from the last vehicles left in the parking lot with the warning made at Ataturk Airport yesterday. With the opening of the new airport, the fees of the services started to be determined at the airport.

The prices of the services provided within the scope of Istanbul Airport began to be determined in these days, lastly the prices of indoor and outdoor parking were also determined.

At Istanbul Airport;
1 hourly covered parking fee 21 TL
Covered parking fee between 1-3 hours 25 TL
Covered parking fee between 3-6 hours 39,50 TL
Covered parking fee between 6-12 hours 47 TL
Covered parking fee between 12-24 hours 63 TL
Monthly parking fee is determined as 444 TL.

Outdoor parking fees at Istanbul Airport are as follows;
1 hourly parking fee 16 TL
Parking fee between 1 and 3 hours 19 TL
Parking fee between 3 and 6 hours 29 TL
Parking fee between 6 and 12 hours 32 TL
Parking fee between 12 and 24 hours 44,50 TL
Monthly outdoor parking fee is determined as 332 TL.

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