Boztepe Cable Car Line Under Maintenance in Ordu

army boztepe cable car line is taken care of
army boztepe cable car line is taken care of

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The “240 operating hours t, which is operated by the company and which provides transportation between Altınordu and Boztepe, is being taken care of.

05.08.2019'S 07.08.2019 DATE WILL BE MAINTAINED

The ropeway line, which provides transportation services to Boztepe, one of the most important tourism areas of Ordu, will be serviced between 05.08.2019-07.08.2019 maintenance works.

Accordingly, the cable car line, which will be serviced between the hours of 5 and 6 on the 7th, 08.30th and 10.00th of August, will serve from 1.5.

The cable car will return to normal service on 08.08.2019 and will continue to operate between 08.30 and 23.30 hours.

After the completion of the planned maintenance work, considering the weekend density, the ropeway will be more safely available to the public.

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